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Family Pools – Everything You Need To Know

Family Pools – Everything You Need To Know

Family pools are the go-to pool option for many Australians and it’s not hard to understand why, they’re generously sized, look great and are perfect for entertaining. We understand buying a pool is a big decision that’s why we’ve put together this article to share everything you need to know about family pools to help you decide if they are the right pool for you or not.


What is a family pool?

Family pools are designed to cater to the whole family and typically come with additional safety features such as non slip steps, surfaces, edges, and ledges, as well as shallow and deep sections. Because of their size, there aren’t any limitations on their use and can be used for relaxation, fitness and everything in between. They are a great swimming pool option for those who aren’t limited on space and want enough room to entertain friends and family when they come over. If you have kids, extra inclusions such as bubblers, jets and water features are well received and add an element of fun.

What is the size of a family pool?

The size that your family pool will be depends on which type you choose. Normally fibreglass family pools start from 3.5 metres wide and can be up to 12.5 metres long. If you have enough room in your backyard, you have unlimited pool options. Family pools come in different shapes, the most common two are rectangular and kidney. Rectangle shaped pools have been popular for decades and continue to be as they are timeless and won’t go out of fashion. Additionally, they come in a huge selection of styles and colours which allows you to find the perfect one to suit your home and lifestyle needs.

How is a family pool made?

A fibreglass family pool is built in a manufacturing plant. It is made on a mould using many layers of superior grade fibreglass. They are extremely strong and long lasting. Once you have selected your pool it’s as simple as getting it delivered and installed.

How is a family pool installed?

There are three ways you can have a family pool installed. You can have it installed above ground, partially above ground or inground. The installation technique varies for each method. The most popular type is inground. This process involves laying a template in the exact location where the pool will go. The ground in this area is then excavated including the area surrounding it to make way for your new fencing and pool scaping. Base material is put into the hole and screeded flat. The pool is delivered to site and lifted into position. Once it is exactly where it needs to be dirt is placed around the pool and is compacted using a technique called pencil compaction. Concrete is poured and once dry your outdoor flooring choice will be laid. Your pool is filled with water and the chemicals are balanced. Your pool will undergo a quality control check and once this is done, it’s all yours.


How long does a family pool take to install?

Fibreglass pool installations are typically quick and straight forward if there are no access issues and the block is relatively flat. All going to plan, a family pool can be installed in as little as 7 days. Factors out of the pool builders control such as excessive rain, delayed permit approvals and the time of year you choose to install your pool can extend the expected installation timeframe.

How much does a family pool cost?

There are a few things that can affect the overall price of a family pool. The size, where your pool is to be installed and the condition of the site can all contribute to the cost. The starting point of a family sized professionally installed fibreglass pool is around $25,000 – $30,000. The easiest way to find out how much it will be for a family pool in your backyard, is by contacting your local pool builder to organise an onsite quote. Most pool companies do this free of charge.

What to look for in a family pool:


If children are going to be using your pool, safety should be at the top of the priority list. Cutting corners or attempting a DIY pool project when you have no prior pool building experience can be dangerous if it hasn’t been done correctly. It’s best to get a professional to install your pool. Most offer generous warranties and this way you are covered if there are any issues with your pool in the future.
Good quality fibreglass family pools come with safety features. Look for one that has non slip surfaces, varied depth, adequate seating areas, safety steps and edges/ledges. Most children love water and a pool in the backyard is sure to spark their curiosity. It is essential that you have a compliant pool in place to not only keep children safe from drowning but also to avoid being fined. Most states and territories in Australia have pool laws in place that pool owners must abide to. Your pool builder will ask you to consider your pool fencing when in the design phase of the pool building process. Here are some important tips on how you can keep your pool area safe!

One that works the layout of your backyard

An attractive looking pool is one that ties in with the layout of the backyard to create a cohesive space. When designed well, it will complement the other aspects of the backyard and not completely overtake it. If you have children to consider, you may want to leave space for grass and other elements in the backyard. After all, you won’t be using your pool every day.

Does it suit your lifestyle requirements?

A swimming pool of your very own provides you with the opportunity to create many fond memories with those you care about most. A family pool offers many benefits such as:

• Keeping active and healthy

• Teaching the kids to swim

• Hosting/entertaining parties and events

• Spending time outside away from technology

• Pool games/sports

• Making precious memories

• Rest and relaxation

• Plenty of room for the whole family to swim

For some, a pool can overhaul their lifestyle. It provides a place to keep active, spend time outdoors, and catch up with family and friends right at their back doorstep. Many like the idea of having a large pool for their home. They make an attractive feature and can also add value to your property.

Here at The Fibreglass Pool Company we specialise in installing state of the art fibreglass family pools that have added safety feature inclusions. If you have any questions about our family pool range get in touch with our friendly team. We are happy to assist if we can.

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