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10 Of The Best Pool Upgrades That Will Save You Money Time and Energy

10 Of The Best Pool Upgrades That Will Save You Money Time and Energy

10 Of The Best Pool Upgrades That Will Save You Money Time and Energy

Having a pool is a fantastic experience – you get to cool off on the hot summer days and bond with friends and family. It is a great space for making memories and having fun along the way too.

But if you have had a pool for a number of years, you can get bored of it too. This is where we come in. In 2021, there is no reason that your pool needs to be boring like the old days.

10 upgrades to add some life back to your pool and freshen things up

Get a new finish for your pool

As years go by, your pool’s finish takes the brunt of the climate and usage too. It can fade or start to look dull too. One can easily get it refinished or even upgrade to another one to make the pool look great in no time.

If you have a heated pool, opting for a darker finish can help you have warm water for a longer time. A darker finish not only absorbs the UV rays and heat of the sun but also looks aesthetically pleasing.

Select a finish that gels well with the theme of your backyard. In today’s day and age, you can get any finish under the sun for your pool. A darker finish will help you reduce electricity costs and lower the use of your pool heater. You will naturally get warm pool water that stays warm well into the night.

Pool filter upgrade

Essentially the kidneys of your pool, a pool filter as the name suggests, filters the pool water and gets rid of the small things. It can take out debris like leaves, twigs, and dust and keeps your water fresh and debris-free.

You should regularly check the pool filter to see whether there is no damage or not. If the filter is in great shape, that means the pool will also remain clear. The filter essentially takes care of all the things that might have been falling into the pool. Get a bigger pool filter or replace your existing one for better results.

Variable Speed Pump

Since technology has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade or so, it is no surprise that the pumps today are much more efficient and cost-effective. In 2021 a new pump will cost you as much as a pump would have cost you in 2010 or so. But it’s better in every way possible.

Made more efficient and with variable speeds, a modern-day pump can significantly make your pool much more enjoyable. They save costs by optimizing your energy needs and also cut down on the wear and tear of the pump. Since the pump can be adjusted according to will, it minimizes the workload on the parts.

Routine Maintenance

Regular care can go a long way when it comes to the pool. If you scoop out debris and backwash your pool once every few weeks or so. Then your pool can easily last you over a decade without any major upkeep.

Invest in routine maintenance, and you will get great results after a few years. Use a net or a robot vacuum cleaner to clean your pool regularly.

Take the help of robots

A robotic pool cleaner can help you clean up your pool very easily. It is a fast and efficient cleaner that does not take long to give you a very clean pool. They can clean the floor, walls and the steps too.

You just have to place it where you want it to be clean and pick it up afterwards. If you are looking for something that is even more convenient, then automation might be for you.


Automated pools constantly give you the status of the pool and the system related to it. You can check the pool temperature, filter activity by your phone or tablet.

This integration of smart devices makes these features a must-have for new pool owners. They do not require a lot of space and can be fitted into existing pools for not a lot of money. We highly recommend these for people looking to get the most out of their pool.

Area around the pool

It’s great to have a splash area or deck around the pool so that you can have an area by the pool just for relaxation. You can redevelop this area around the pool to integrate some of these features. They add a lot of aesthetic appeal to the place and also make the yard look better.

Heat pump

If your pool is in a shaded area and not directly under the sun, then the chances of it having cold water are very high. You can get a heat pump so that you have access to warm water whenever you need it.

Coldwater might be fun in the summer months, but as the weather starts getting colder, it can be dangerous to swim in cold water. Get a heat pump installed so that you have warm water well into the night or even in the winters.

Solar Heating

In 2021 there is no reason why your pool cannot be environmentally conscious too. You can get a solar-powered water heater and enjoy the benefits of heated water without any added cost to the environment.

It might be a little expensive to install at first, but the virtually zero cost of running will make it worth your while easily.

Pool covers

You can save a lot of money by installing a pool cover over your pool. It slows down evaporation and also prevents things from entering your pool. This will help you in maintaining the chemical balance in the pool, and also, you will have to use the filtration system less.

Owning a pool is an exciting thing and you can make a few changes to make it more exciting than ever. This is the reason why just adding small upgrades like these can make your pool better than ever.

Contact us for the best quotes and services in the area. We will be more than happy to give you a great deal on pool projects and give you the best pool-owning experience too.

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