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How Will Trees Affect My Pool?

How Will Trees Affect My Pool?

How Will Trees Affect My Pool?

It’s no secret that trees can make your poolside area look fantastically appealing. For this reason, it’s understandable why you may want to keep your favourite tree or even a couple of trees intact around your pool. However, this naturally raises the question of what effect will those trees have on your fibreglass pool if they are left intact. The answer is nothing catastrophic (thankfully), but trees will definitely have certain effects on your pool that you should be aware of – in fact, you may even change your mind about keeping those trees in the first place!


Is It Good Or Bad To Have Trees Near My Pool?

The answer to this question depends upon (you guessed it!) your preferences! A tree near your pool (within six feet) will affect your pool. This can include dropping organic debris into the water, the types of insects and critters that hang around the pool, shade and underground roots growing around your pool’s structure. 

None of these effects is inherently negative, although the reactions they will require from you may be perceived as so. Read on to find out more about each effect.

Organic Debris

The number one effect a nearby tree will have on your fibreglass pool will be the organic debris (leaves, nuts, bark and other material) that will inevitably drop into your pool. Even if said tree is a few feet away from your pool, all it takes is a gust of wind to send those leaf deposits flying into your pristine waters.  For this reason, we suggest planting your tree a fair distance away from your pool if you want fewer leaves falling into it.

Organic debris, such as leaves, can stain your fibreglass pool’s surface if it is not clean up promptly. Additionally, a pool that has trees close to it will inevitably require more cleaning on your part than a pool that has no trees near it.

As you can see, trees in your poolside area is not a bad thing, it simply means more cleaning on your part. You will have to decide if you’re up for the challenge and if that tropical island paradise look is worth it!


Type Of Tree

In terms of appearance, a tree can really improve the aesthetic of your pool and enhance the colour of your fibreglass pool. Trees are a perfect way to achieve that tropical island look!

Before you jump into planting your trees or potentially keeping those already in place, it’s worth understanding the type of tree you’re dealing with and the differences between them. Some trees, like palm trees, will drop large branches more often and deposit seeds as well. The amount of organic matter that drops from trees scales with the size, so investing in a smaller tree (or shrub) may be your best option.

Critters And Insects

Another fact to understand about trees in your poolside area is that certain types of trees will attract insects and critters. This is especially so for plants with flowers, or trees with tall branches that birds may like to nest in. 

Insects that become stuck in your pool and droppings from animals (such as possums or birds) will directly affect the Ph levels and alkalinity of your pool water. These will need to be cleaned with a skimmer. You will have to keep a close eye on your chemical balance to ensure it does not become unbalanced due to these external factors.

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Roots Will Only Damage Vinyl

A fairly common misconception is that tree roots will damage your pool via underground movement. The good news is that tree roots are not strong enough to damage concrete or fibreglass pools – only vinyl pools are at risk of having their lining broken. 

Instead, a tree’s roots will grow around the structure of your pool and in most cases, this will be harmless. Still, the deeper the roots of a tree the harder it will be to remove in the future.

Affecting Temperature

The shade offered by any trees near your pool will also affect the temperature of the water. This may not seem like a big deal at first but over time this translates to your pool heating slower in that particular area. After many years, this could mean a higher heating bill.

On the other hand, many pool owners prefer to have at least some of their pool partially covered to protect them from the harsh summer sun. A tree that is already planted in the backyard may prove to be a cheaper source of shade than building a cover or sail around the pool.

…Many pool owners prefer having a shady area partially covering their pool. Although this is a great idea for summer, it also means that this area of your pool will take longer to heat during colder months – and can affect your pool’s overall temperature…

Can I Remove Trees After Installation?

One of the biggest concerns we hear here at The Fibreglass Pool Company is whether or not pool owners can still remove a tree or stump after their pool is installed. 

The answer is yes, you absolutely can still remove trees after your fibreglass pool is installed. However, the tree removalist specialist you hire to do so will have to work around the pool and this will most likely increase the cost of removal. Still, this means that pool owners will not have to make the decision to remove a tree they are unsure about, and potentially end up regretting it. 

Trees can look beautiful surrounding your fibreglass pool and add a unique look to your poolside area. But this tropical appearance will come at the cost of extra cleaning and maintenance on your end. For some families this may be worth it; for others, it may not. Only you can know the answer to that. But you can rest easy knowing that any nearby pools won’t wreck your pool completely! Now that you know trees are safe for your pool, you should set about getting a pool! Why not peruse our exclusive range today? We have a pool for every home!

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