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10 Of The Best Pool Upgrades That Will Save You Money, Time And Energy

10 Of The Best Pool Upgrades That Will Save You Money, Time And Energy

If you have a pool in your backyard, investing in it will surely pay you back in a multiplicity of ways. A well-maintained pool is not only good to look at, but will also drive up the value of your property. However, this maintenance can take up a lot of time and energy, besides money. These unavoidable maintenance costs can be cut down to a huge degree by adding the right upgrades to the pool. Following are some of the upgrades you can consider to maximize your savings and save time and energy in the process.

Upgrades For Saving Time In Pool Maintenance

1. Saltwater Chlorination System

Investing in a saltwater chlorination system is one of the best decisions you can make, as it accomplishes a lot of tasks for you. The system constantly sanitizes the pool by producing chlorine. This system takes away the hassle of adding chlorine and checking the levels of cyanuric acid in the pool. It does not only save the time it takes in the monitoring of chlorine, but also prevents any excessive changes in the pH levels in the water.

2. High-end Pool Cleaning Tools

Cheap pool cleaning tools often end up breaking and take up a lot of time and money in the repairs. It is important to get the best quality pool cleaning tools that have been designed specifically for providing ease and simplicity. You should try to get fittings and accessories which can go well with these branded pool equipment.

3. Good Testing Kits

It is not advisable to test your pool with the free testing kit that is provided in local pool shops. It is important to invest in good quality testing kits which can provide you with accurate data to make correct adjustments to the levels of chemicals in the pool. Besides this, a good testing kit will most likely last for more than a year, which eventually saves money in the long run.

4. Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners can significantly reduce the time it takes in cleaning up the pools in the regular way. The automatic pool cleaner provides you with the ease of doing all the cleaning work so you can better utilise that time doing other tasks. One only needs to install the automatic pool cleaner, after which it vacuums all the debris and other substances like leaves out of the pool water.

5. Larger Pool Filter

The function of a pool filter is important in keeping your pool clean. Upgrading to a larger filter size provides a larger surface area for better water flow. Besides this, it also reduces the strain on your pump in circulating the pool water.

Upgrades for Saving Energy with Pool Equipment

1. Eco-friendly Pump or a Variable Speed Pump

The pump is the main component where most of the expenses for pool maintenance go. The regular running time for a pump is around six to ten hours a day, which further increases during the summers. An energy-efficient variable-speed or ECO pool pump can prove to be a great alternative to regular pumps for cutting down energy expenses. Upgrading your pool pump to an energy-efficient one can potentially save around 50 to 60 per cent in energy bills. Cutting down the annual energy consumption by 50 per cent does not only save energy but also helps in reducing expenses in the long run.

2. Pool Cover and Roller

A pool cover has a multiplicity of uses which help save energy as well as time and money. A roller can be bought along with, to aid in the process of removing and putting on the pool cover. A pool cover can save energy costs for pool heating, and also significantly reduces the runtime for pool pumps. This is because the cover prevents the build-up of debris, as a result of which very little runtime is needed. Pool covers also reduce the number of chemicals you would need to sanitize the pools. Besides this, they also aid in reducing the evaporation of water on hot summer days.

3. Eco-friendly Pool Heat Pump

The regular electric pool heaters of the traditional furnaces usually consume a lot of energy for heating up pools. These energy costs can be significantly reduced with the use of eco-friendly heat pumps. They are known to reduce your energy consumption by almost 40 to 60 per cent. An eco-friendly heat pump when combined with a good pool cover can almost cut the heating costs by approximately 80 per cent.

4. Upgrade the Pool Finish

You can upgrade the finish of your pool to a darker finish so that it absorbs more of the sunlight. This reduces the effort and also the energy costs that are incurred from using heat pumps for the pools.

Upgrades for Saving Money on Pool Maintenance

1. Pool Pump Timer

A timer for a pool pump is an excellent tool to save money in the long run. It will allow you to set a timer in your pump, which will switch off the pump automatically after a few hours of use. This helps in saving the money spent on the usage of expensive chemicals for the pools, as these timers ensure that the pool gets proper circulation and sanitization. Besides this, pool timers are especially helpful for times you forget to turn on the pumps, as a result of which the pool can get filled with algae.

2. Pool Equipment Maintenance

Ensuring the regular upkeep of your pool equipment saves money in the long run, as it prevents them from breaking down completely. You can get the best performance from the pool equipment by keeping up with the small repairs as and when required. This is because if the small repairs are left unattended, they can lead to a complete breakdown in the system of pool equipment.

These upgrades not only help in saving time and money but also reduce the stress which comes with maintaining the pool manually. The long-term benefits and savings from these investments are sure to help you considerably. Get in contact with our experts today!

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