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Quality Fibreglass Pools Built By The Fibreglass Pool Company

Quality Fibreglass Pools Built By The Fibreglass Pool Company

The Fibreglass Pool Company is the newest member to the Barrier Reef Group, who are long established and have been providing quality fibreglass swimming pools at an affordable cost.

Boasting a lifetime structural warranty, all pools are locally manufactured at one of our state of the art facilities. Our guarantee is to provide you with the very best price and quality in fibreglass pools. So, if you’re ready to take the next step of investing in a swimming pool for your family, one of the most important things to consider is who you will get to build it. It’s important to find a pool builder that has many years’ of experience and will be working alongside you throughout the entire pool planning and construction process. This will ensure that you will get the pool of your dreams, at the highest possible standard. Always have a look at the company’s customer reviews, as this will give you a good indication of whether they are a reputable company or not. Here is what you can expect from working with the team at The Fibreglass Pool Company. 

Superior Customer Service & Workmanship

We believe that our success both nationally and internationally, is credited to our customer focus and our ability to produce pools that are structurally unrivalled. Our priority is not only to deliver an award-winning top-quality swimming pool for each of our clients but to ensure that we provide exceptional customer service as well. 

Over the years our company, The Barrier Reef Group has expanded, and we are now the biggest manufacturer of quality fibreglass swimming pools in Australia. All of our pools are built to the highest safety standards and are in line with building codes. The Barrier Reef Group have been manufacturing, installing, and fitting fibreglass pools across the nation for the past 30 years, so when sourcing a The Fibreglass Pool Company pool builder within your local area, you can sit back and relax whilst our team takes care of everything for you. They will be familiar with the council permits and requirements specific to your town and will be able to organise all of the paperwork on your behalf. 

The Fibreglass Pool Company are committed to the highest standard of workmanship and ethics which has proudly earnt us a membership with SPASA (Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia). SPASA recognises professional trades that pride themselves on educating, promoting and advocating for the improvement of all members and the community.

Manufacturing & Installing:

We make all our fibreglass pools, rather than having to purchase them from somewhere else. This means we are confident of their durability, strength, and quality. There is no middle-man, so you get the best price and don’t have to worry about manufacturing defects or problems. The Fibreglass Pool Company are leaders in pool engineering. The pool shells are manufactured by hand in our state-of-the-art climate-controlled plant in Beaudesert, Queensland. We use the most superior quality fibreglass available. All of the facilities within our complex have ERA and EPA licences which are constantly monitored and regulated by the local authorities. 

We work with you from the initial meeting to the end of construction. Our highly skilled team will offer helpful advice on the best way to install your new swimming pool to get optimal results. As we manufacture our pools ourselves, we have developed innovative features like a superior gel coat finish that we include in our pools to give you the highest quality pool that money can buy. 

When the day arrives to install your pool, our pool builders will stick to strict protocols and install your pool safely by complying with all necessary engineering specifications and council regulations. 

Click here for frequently asked questions about pool installations!

Award Winning Pools: 

We are one out of only two fibreglass manufacturing companies within Australia that have been awarded with the 5 Tick Certified Product Certification by SAI Global. Our pools exceed national and also worldwide standards for thickness. The superior quality of our pools and luxury designs have seen us receive 121 awards from SPASA. The Fibreglass Pool Company implements a vigorous 8 stage quality control process which ensures all of our swimming pools are constructed to the highest standard of quality before leaving our factory. Our entire range is built using 7 superior layers of fade resistant and anti-microbial construction. The first layer consists of an advanced colour technology gel coat, this is what gives your pool its colour. The next layer is an anti-corrosion barrier, followed by a chemical resistant layer. Then there is a layer of Kevlar, followed by a structural layer, reinforcement layer and finally an outer sealer coat. At The Fibreglass Pool Company, we are devoted to producing the highest standard of fibreglass swimming pools. We only ever use the finest materials and are always innovating our manufacturing process to bring you the very best in fibreglass pools. We are proud to offer our clients such a superior product, as we believe we have set the high standard within the fibreglass pool industry. 

Customer Satisfaction is Key:

Being honest and upfront is a vital part of our business. Every part of your pool build will be inspected by us, and approved by you, to make sure you are absolutely happy with the outcome. When installing a pool with The Fibreglass Pool Company, you can depend on us to listen and respect your pool dreams, and help bring your vision to your backyard.

Our pool builders are experts, and will work with you to create your personalised swimming pool which is tailored to suit your home and lifestyle needs. We know that investing in a swimming pool is a big commitment which requires a lot of careful consideration. Our customers’ satisfaction in their new swimming pool is the greatest consideration and we are dedicated to transforming backyards with a pool that exceeds our clients expectations. If you would like to discuss a fibreglass pool for your home, get in touch with our friendly team at The Fibreglass Pool Company to organise your free onsite quote.

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