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Important Tips On How You Can Keep Your Pool Area Safe

Important Tips On How You Can Keep Your Pool Area Safe

There’s nothing better than enjoying a refreshing dip to beat the scorching heat of summer. But that private oasis in your backyard can turn into a hazard for your kids if you aren’t careful enough. How do you keep your pool area safe so you can enjoy yourself worry-free with your family for as long as you want?

In this article, we look at useful tips that can help you keep your pool area safe and prevent any unwanted mishaps.

Install Pool Fences

Pool fences are your first line of defense. These physical barricades prevent kids from getting under, over, or through the fence into the pool. They should be at least 4 feet high. Ensure that the space between the fences is not wide enough (not more than 4 inches apart) for a kid to pass through. Lastly, your pool fence must not have any holes or cut-outs in the wall. This is because any protuberance/cut-outs can serve as hand or footholds for the kids to climb.

Install A Pool Alarm

Pool alarms can instantly alert you if there is unauthorized access to your swimming pool. If your kid is unsupervised and tries to use the pool, you will be alerted immediately and can take control of the situation. A pool alarm can be installed on the pool gates. You can even install them as door alarms when your house wall serves as the fourth wall of the pool’s perimeter. Make sure the pool alarm sounds different from the smoke or burglar alarm set at your place.

Consider A Pool Cover or Safety Net

Pool covers or safety nets are a must for ensuring the safety of your kids around the pool area. Also, if you have pets that can fall into the pool accidentally, a safe pool cover becomes essential. It needs to be strong enough to bear the weight of a child and two adults, should a need arise to perform a rescue mission. The added layer of security also prevents debris from falling into your pool and facilitates proper heat retention.

Keep Cleaning Products and Chemicals Safely Locked Away

It is important to keep any pool cleaning chemicals such as chlorine or other cleaning agents away from the reach of children. Have a separate storage area to keep the cleaning products. Ensure you keep the space clean from any debris, dirt, fallen leaves or chemical spills. Don’t mix your regular household cleaners with pool cleaners, as the latter can cause chemical reactions leading to combustion. If you want, request a user manual from your chemical dealer to know how to handle and store the products safely.

Secure the Doors and Gates

The pool is a place to indulge in some fun. But every year, there are incidents reported of kids hurting themselves seriously in residential pools due to an oversight. To prevent this, think of all the pathways that your kids can take to get to the pool. Add childproof doorknobs, sliding door locks or lever locks to make it impossible for the little escape artists to reach the pool area. These locks are not so expensive and can be easily installed by your pool designer.

Inspect Drain Covers and Pool Drains

Did you know spa and pool drains have such a strong underwater suction that the force is enough to trap even a strong swimmer below the surface? Yes, you read that right. You can prevent tragic accidents from occurring by making drain safety a priority. Ensure all your pool drain covers are clean, not broken, or missing. As a safety measure, remind your children not to play near the drain covers.

Have Pool Safety Rules in Place

It’s good to establish some ground rules for your pool usage. Educate your kids about acceptable and unacceptable pool conduct. The rules could include the following:

  • No running around on the deck
  • Not swimming without adult supervision
  • Not diving into shallow water
  • Never leaving any pool toys around the pool which can cause someone to slip
  • Not to push anyone into the pool
  • Not to hold anyone underwater

Ditch the Diving Board

We know everyone loves the thrill of having a diving board in your personal backyard pool. You get to show off your cool dives to your friends and family and feel like a winner. However, diving boards are magnets for injuries. Even an expert diver can sometimes slip off the board and hurt their head badly. It’s best to do without them, so there are no safety hazards for anyone.

Keep A First-Aid Kit Handy

The last thing you want is to run around looking for first-aid supplies if someone has met with an accident. Always keep a fully stocked first-aid kit near your pool area. Additionally, invest in a good life hook, life ring, or rescue tube to pull someone safely from the water in case they fall in. Keep checking the rescue equipment at regular intervals to ensure they are in good shape and can be used in case of emergencies.

Install A Security Camera

Installing a security camera near your pool is always a good idea, especially if you have kids or pets. A good-quality security camera can provide video surveillance of your entire backyard. If your child is moving too close to the pool, you can take quick action. The best part is, these devices can be easily connected to your smartphone which means, you can know what’s happening in your yard at all times. Even when you are not at home, you can see the camera surveillance and get notifications of all the activities in your backyard.

Wrapping Up

We hope these useful tips come in handy to keep your pool area safe and avoid any accidents from dampening your swim experience. If you are looking to upgrade your pool with fencing, security cameras, or pool covers, we can help you. Get in touch with our friendly team of fibreglass pool designers, and we will suggest the best pool options for you.

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