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An Informative Guide All About Above Ground Pools-Is This The Right Option For You?

An Informative Guide All About Above Ground Pools-Is This The Right Option For You?

If you are planning to install a swimming pool at your place anytime soon, you must also be aware that choosing the right pool is a difficult task. Knowing the features, types, costs, pros, and cons of different pool types can help make your task easier. One of the swimming pools that have always been high on demand is the Above Ground Pool.

Above Ground swimming pool acts as an alternative for those who are not looking for in-ground pools. Unlike in-ground swimming pools, Above Ground Pools are easier and more flexible to install. They are highly versatile, come in wide varieties, and are also affordable. Not only that, you can even add numerous interesting accessories to make your pool much more fun. What options do you have for your above ground fibreglass pool?

To help you in finding whether this pool is the perfect option for you or not, here is an informative guide with everything you need to know about Above Ground Swimming pools.

Above Ground Pool Types:

Depending on your budget, the area available, and your preferred material, you can pick an Above Ground Pool that fits perfectly in your requirements. Mostly, Above-Ground Swimming Pools are of the following types:

1. Resin Above Ground Swimming Pool

Although there are pools that are entirely made up of resin, in most cases resin forms only one of the major components in the making of the pool. It is either used in specific components of the swimming pool or mixed with the overall plastic materials. Whatever the case be, resin pools are quite popular due to these reasons:

  1. Above-ground swimming pools made of resin are not prone to oxidation. This means that these pools cannot rust and are also resistant to corrosion. This fact gives resin pools an advantage over swimming pools made from aluminum or steel.
  2. Unlike pools made from other components like steel, resin swimming pools do not get hit very fast. They are tolerant to heat and moisture. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid of burning your hands while placing them on the pool rails.
  3. Pool parts made of resin are more durable than their metal counterparts.
  4. Resin is also a stronger component. Minor damage such as dents does not affect resin swimming pools.
  5. Resin swimming pools are easy to install and maintain.

Above ground, resin pools are surely a great option to pick. They are however a little on the expensive side depending on the amount of resin involved. Although resin is not affected by rust or corrosion, it is advisable to get a UV coating to prevent flaking and cracking.

2. Steel Above Ground Swimming Pool

For above-ground swimming pools, steel was the most preferred choice of frame material before the arrival of resin. It is still popular in the making of pools because:

  • Steel can be used for a number of uses as it can be bent easily.
  • Steel Above Ground Pools is the least expensive.
  • Above Ground Pools made of steel are also very strong.

While steel swimming pools have the above-mentioned advantages, they are prone to oxidization and corrosion. That is why coats of zinc, resin, or epoxy are applied to make them more durable.

3. Aluminum Above Ground Swimming Pool

There is always a tough competition between aluminium and steel swimming pools. There are a lot of similarities between aluminium and steel. For instance, like steel, aluminium is resistant to rust but still susceptible to oxidization and corrosion. For the same reason, aluminium swimming pools are also coated with other materials. However, they also have many benefits.

  1. Aluminum is lighter than steel, making it easy to assemble, disassemble and carry.
  2. It is also more flexible and better at handling the flow of water.
  3. Aluminum pools last longer than steel pools.

However, they are more expensive than steel swimming pools.

4. Hybrid Above Ground Swimming Pool

If you are confused about whether to go for a steel pool or a resin one, pick the hybrid above-ground swimming pool! Hybrid pools include the best qualities of both steel and resin. If you choose hybrid above ground pools, you will get the following benefits:

  1. Hybrid pools are water and heat-resistant.
  2. They have the strength of steel.
  3. They are not likely to get corroded or oxidized. Hybrid pools are also rust-resistant.
  4. The combination of steel and resin makes hybrid pools durable and resistant to discoloration and chipping.

5. Concrete Above Ground Swimming Pool

Yes! You can also get a pool made on site! Since concrete pools are made from scratch at the preferred location, they take longer to build and can also cost a bit higher. You can select a concrete pool if you want to customize the shape and design of the swimming pool. Also, because they are porous, there are more prone to algae and bacteria. Proper cleaning and regular maintenance using chemicals are necessary.

Above Ground Pool Advantages:

1. Budget-friendly

Above ground, pools are an affordable alternative to in-ground pools. Although the price range differs from pool to pool depending on the material, size, and other considerations, they cost lesser than in-ground pools.

2. Wide Range of Options

Today there is a wide range of above-ground swimming pool types to choose from. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials like steel, resin, aluminum, etc. Therefore, they are quite flexible, versatile and give you a multitude of options to create your dream swimming pool.

3. Easy and Quick Installation

Other than swimming pools made of concrete, all above-ground pools are relatively easy to install and at a fast pace. It is difficult to mention the exact time taken as the installation time also varies according to the condition of the site, style of pool chosen, and so on.

4. High scope of experimentation

There are a lot of things you can do to ensure that your above-ground pool amplifies the beauty of your backyard. Creative landscaping, installation of cool pool accessories, and setting up aesthetic poolside furniture are some of them. For instance, you can add pool heating and beautiful lighting to your above-ground swimming pool.

5. Safe Option

Above ground pools have a high entry point of approximately 52” to 54”. This makes them an extremely safe option for homes with children as there are lower risks of accidental falls. Having a high entry point also eliminates the need to install excessive safety features and thus, saves cost.

6. Easy to maintain

Almost all above-ground swimming pools are easy to maintain due to their small sizes and construction procedure. Most of them do not require the use of many chemicals and excessive cleaning. Thus, it saves both cost and time.

7. Can be used as a Spa

Who does not love to relax in a spa after long hours of work? You can convert your above-ground pool to a spa by installing spa jets. You can then have a spa at home itself!

If you are looking for a pool that is cost-friendly, safe for kids, and can be installed in a short period, the above-ground swimming pool may be the perfect option for you!

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