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A Complete Guide To Plunge Pools

A Complete Guide To Plunge Pools

Hunting for the perfect pool can be an overwhelming task considering the wide variety of options available in the market. Time and again, Plunge pools have proved to be a favorite among swimming pool owners. But what is a plunge pool exactly? What are its features? How much does it cost? If you are seeking the answers to these questions, you have arrived at the right place! Here is a complete guide to plunge pools.

What is a plunge pool?

The name ‘plunge pool’ is inspired by the ponds naturally formed at the end of waterfalls. People believed that such ponds had therapeutic properties and used them for revitalization. Similarly, plunge pools are small-sized pools that are mainly used for relaxation purposes rather than active swimming activities. In short, plunge pools are more leisure-oriented. People who want a swimming pool that creates a peaceful vibe all over or who have small backyards usually opt for plunge pools. They are popular in small families.

Plunge pools come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Mostly, they tend to have a length of 6 meters, a width of 3.5 meters, and a depth of 1.2 meters. However, these measurements can change as per your preferences. All plunge pools have a built-in seating area as they are primarily built with the aim of enhancing relaxation and for light exercises.

The popular materials used for making plunge pools are either fiberglass or concrete. Among these two, fiberglass is more popular as its installation is easy and speedier. Fiberglass pools are also more affordable, durable, and require low maintenance.

How can you enhance your plunge pool?

There are a lot of features installation of which can add to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your plunge pool. Some of them are:

1.Spa Jets

You can bring a spa to your home by adding spa jets to your plunge pool. This can offer a lot of health benefits such as help in muscle recovery, reduce anxiety and stress, provide relaxation, lower blood pressure and provide hydrotherapy.


Adding lighting features not only amplifies the beauty of the swimming pool but also enables you to enjoy it during the night. There are many lighting options available. LED lighting is extremely popular as they come in a variety of colors and are budget-friendly also. Apart from adding to the aesthetics of your pool, lighting also helps in making the pool area safe.


Health benefits and the relaxation properties of bathing in warm water are known to all. That is why most people install an efficient heating system to their plunge pools to make the water warm. This results in an optimum relaxing experience. Another benefit of installing a heating system is that you can use it during winters as well.

4.Swim Jets

Like spa jets, swim jets are also a much-sought feature when it comes to plunge pools. These high-powered unidirectional jets allow people to swim in one place and thus, enable them to get a workout.

How much does the installation of a plunge pool cost?

The cost of plunge pool installation varies depending on many factors such as:

1.You can install plunge pools both in-ground or above ground. Although above-ground plunge pools are a more affordable and convenient option, in-ground plunge pools are more popular. This is because in-ground plunge pools look more attractive. Since the installation of a plunge pool in the ground involves the excavation of the site, it takes longer to install in comparison to an above-ground pool. In short, above-ground pools are cheaper, easier, and faster to install but less attractive. On the contrary, in-ground plunge pools are expensive, take a longer time to install but are visually appealing.

2.The second point of consideration is the size and shape of the backyard where the pool will be installed. The size of plunge pools is small. This means that they can be easily placed in compact areas. They are also a good option for areas where the shape of the backyard is such that it cannot support a regular swimming pool. Depending on the state of the site, the cost of installation differs.

3.The chosen material of the plunge pool also affects the cost of installation. As mentioned earlier, pools made of concrete cost higher than those made of fibreglass. This is because concrete plunge pools are custom-made whereas fibreglass pools come in standard sizes and shapes. In some cases, the price of fibreglass pools can be equal to that of concrete. It ultimately depends on the model, shape, and size of the pool.

4.Lastly, the number and kind of features you wish to add to your plunge pool also change the overall cost of installation.

Why should you choose plunge pools?

Plunge pools provide a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

1.They are perfect for relaxation purposes:

The main aim of plunge pools is to provide relaxation to the users. They also have many features such as spa jets, swim jets, etc. that can enhance this leisure facility.

2.These are cost-friendly pools:

As compared to other swimming pool types, plunge pools are one of the most affordable and cost-effective. Since they are quite small in size than regular pools, their installation costs are also less. Moreover, they also do not require heavy maintenance. This helps you in saving additional cleaning and maintenance costs.

3.Space is not a constraint:

Owing to their small size, plunge pools can be placed in all kinds of areas. You do not need to worry about the small area of your backyard or its irregular shape when considering buying a plunge pool. Even in large backyards, plunge pools act as a spectacular statement piece. The addition of creative landscaping and decorative elements further adds to the aesthetic appeal of the pool area.

4.Wide Variety of Styles:

When choosing a plunge pool, you do need to compromise on a regular style. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as rectangular, oval, circular, square, etc. Therefore, you have ample options to choose from.

5.They are environment-friendly:

Since plunge pools are small in size, they also require less water. They use 80% lesser water as compared to traditional swimming pools. Because they do not require heavy maintenance, they also utilize far lesser chemicals for cleaning purposes. Overall, they are a much more sustainable option.

6.They provide therapeutic benefits:

Plunge pools can provide several therapeutic benefits. Sitting in the waters of a plunge pool can help in the reduction of muscle inflammation and pain. It also quickens recovery. Other benefits of plunge pools are improving mood and reducing fatigue.

7.They are great for light exercise:

Although you cannot do heavy exercising in plunge pools, they are good for light aquatic exercises such as water aerobics. The addition of swim jets can also help you in improving your fitness by allowing you to swim in one place.

8.They are attractive:

Plunge pools are very attractive and can help boost the overall value of your property.’

Overall, if you are looking for a small for casually sipping a drink while relaxing in the water at an affordable price, the plunge pool works the best!

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