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Above-Ground Options For Your Fibreglass Pool

Above-Ground Options For Your Fibreglass Pool

Above Ground Options For Your Fibreglass Pool

If you’re wondering whether or not fibreglass pools can be installed above-ground then fear not: they absolutely can be! In fact, fibreglass pools make the perfect above-ground pool because of the flexible nature of fibreglass, as well as their easy and fast installation process. In this article, we will be delving into why you might want an above-ground pool.


How Well Suited Are Fibreglass Pools To Above-Ground Installation

Fibreglass pools are the best-performing option for those families looking for an above-ground installation for two main reasons. 

The first is the durable and flexible nature of fibreglass. Above-ground pools are typically in a more precarious position than in-ground pools that are supported by solid earth around them. An above-ground pool can be more exposed to the elements. In addition to this, above-ground pools have less compact earth surrounding them for support and, conversely, are more susceptible to movements in the earth because of this. Because fibreglass is flexible, the surface of pools from The Fibreglass Pool Company will bend slightly and temporarily with the earth movements, rather than remaining static and at risk of cracking.

The second reason is the straightforward installation process that fibreglass pool owners can enjoy. Whereas a concrete pool may struggle in the best-case scenario to be installed in a tricky, sloping above-ground location, a fibreglass pool can easily be lifted by crane into position in as little as 7 days!

Do You Need An Above-Ground Pool?

Although above-ground pools have plenty of benefits that make them worth the purchase, it may be worth your time to consider other options first. Because after all, fibreglass pools are the most flexible pool option on the market: they can come in all sorts of different options! 

Fully Above-Ground Pool:

Let’s delve deep into what exactly an above-ground pool is in the first place, and why you may want one.

An above-ground pool is definable by your fibreglass pool shell (the actual structure of the pool) being situated above the ground.

This is in stark contrast to traditional placement, where a hole is dug into the earth and the pool shell placed within the hole. This is done for obvious structural stability, but also to give pool owners the feeling of sinking into a pool.

An above-ground pool however will most likely require you to climb a set of stairs to climb into. Many pool owners cover their above-ground pool shell with creative designs, such as decking, tiles, plants or other concepts.

Partially Above-Ground:

Partially above-ground pools are more often than not installed to solve a structural problem rather than by design choice. Instances such as a complicated background, including slopes, hills or ridges, are all reasons to install a partially above-ground pool. This is because pools of this nature can fit partially into any landscaping issues, while still making use of whatever even ground is available.

Inground Pool:

Inground pools are the typical choice for modern Australian homes. They are installed via digging an appropriately sized hole with proper structural support and then placed via crane into this hole. The pool is then usually surrounded by coping which reaches just above the surrounding earth. You will normally have to step down into an inground pool. Inground pools are sought after for their structural stability and appealing design.

Here Are A Few Reasons An Above-Ground Pool May Be For You:

The Extensive Fibreglass Range Leaves Room For Creativity

Fibreglass pools have a wide range of contemporary and innovative designs, perfect for the creative nature of above-ground pools. You may consider building your above-ground pool into the side of a slope or hill, in order to make the most use of a downward-looking view or infinity edge!

No Need To Break The Bank For An Above-Ground Pool

An above-ground pool will already take less time to install than a traditional in-ground one, on account of less excavation needing to be done during installation. Add onto this the extremely fast nature of fibreglass pool installation as well, and if the proper conditions are met you could have your dream pool in as little as 7 days!

All Our Designs Can Be Installed Above-Ground

So what are you waiting for! Search our wide range for the right design to fit your home!

Landscaping Complications Will No Longer Be A Headache

The biggest advantage of an above-ground pool is the ease in which it can be installed onto uneven backyards with landscaping issues, such as slopes, as compared with an inground pool.

With a traditional pool, many landscaping issues could delay your installation, drive up its price, or even outright make it impossible. However, an above-ground pool needn’t be restricted by issues such as:

  1. Slopes
  2. Ridges 
  3. Uneven ground 
  4. Rocks 
  5. Loose soil
  6. Trees

Don't Forget!

And there you have it! Can a fibreglass pool be installed above-ground? We hope we’ve answered that question for you and if we haven’t: yes, it can! An above-ground pool is a perfect solution for backyards with landscaping complications. In addition, the flexible and affordable nature of fibreglass makes fibreglass pools the perfect option for above-ground installation! So, what are you waiting for? Get into contact with The Fibreglass Pool Company for your free quote and we’ll direct you to the right pool for your home today!

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