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5 Ways A Plunge Pool Can Unlock Your Healthy Lifestyle

5 Ways A Plunge Pool Can Unlock Your Healthy Lifestyle

5 Ways A Plunge Pool Can Unlock Your Healthy Lifestyle

Let’s face it: there are countless reasons why you might want a pool. But did you know that one of those reasons is that swimming is one of the healthiest ways to exercise? Of course you are, because you’re one smart cookie. But something you may have missed is that plunge pools can be just as healthy and conducive to exercising as a lap pool! In fact, for some specific pool owners’ needs, a plunge pool can be even healthier and convenient than other pools!


First Of All, What Exactly Is A Plunge Pool?

Plunge pools were originally designed for – you guessed it – plunging. This means plunge pools are typically compact pools that can fit in small backyards with little to no trouble. They are uniformly square. Plunge pools are commonly shallow, to encourage swimmers to wade and relax in the water, or to cool off.

Health Benefit 1: A Good Way To Relax

Plunge pools are tailor-made for relaxing dips. In fact, their very design is to encourage pool owners to take a quick swim when you are feeling stressed or hot, rather than long swims as traditional pools do. A plunge pool’s small surface area is designed to encourage swimmers to either lounge by the splash deck or to simply submerge oneself quickly and conveniently. If you’re looking for an even more relaxed swim, then you may consider installing a mineral water system with your plunge pool, to sooth your skin and experience a softer feel to your pool’s water. A quick swim in a plunge pool will noticeably lower your stress levels.

Health Benefit 2: A Heated Swim

You may be thinking why bother installing a heated plunge pool if you can simply purchase a spa instead. The key difference, however, is far more distinct. Whereas a spa can only be heated, you may opt to only heat your plunge pool in winter. A spa will be hot year round and typically, it’s usage will drop off in the summer months. With a plunge pool, however, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits you normally would from a spa (with the same convenient size for your backyard) whilst also enjoying the cool, refreshing dips you so long for in summer.

Medical experts recommend that regular exercise, particularly swimming, can help improve your sleep schedule. Additionally, spending time in a heated pool or spa a few hours before bed can relax you and lead to deeper sleeps. Why not combine both of these amazing benefits together with a heated plunge pool?

Health Benefit 3: An Easy Way To Learn Swimming For Beginners

If you’re interested in taking on a healthier lifestyle, but are feeling a little intimidated by the sheer amount of strokes, exercises and safety tips to learn, then a plunge pool is the perfect pool for you. Instead of having to perform a dozen or so laps at 6am in the morning, a plunge pool will allow you a convenient, short aquatic workout in your home. Even regular swimming, including just staying afloat, engages your core and stretches out your body’s muscles. Plunge pools are a great way to start swimming, or for those who don’t have the time to swim dozens of laps every day.

Health Benefit 4: A Plunge Pool’s Small Size Brings Big Surprises

As we mentioned before, any kind of swimming – even casual, for-fun swimming – can be a healthy recreational activity for yourself and your family. However, the entry fee to this healthy lifestyle may put off some interested parties. Enter: the plunge pool.

A plunge pool is significantly more affordable than medium or large sized pools and is extremely easy to fit into any and all homes because of it’s small size. Additionally, fibreglass plunge pools are naturally better at retaining heat than their concrete counterparts. This can be further enhanced by a pool cover, meaning that your heating and maintenance costs will plummet. 

A plunge pool is the perfect and most convenient way to introduce yourself and your family to a healthier lifestyle. Just having one in your backyard will subconsciously promote the idea of an aquatic workout!

Health Benefit 5: A Cold Plunge Can Increase Your Productivity

We’ve all heard the numerous benefits that a cold plunge can bring – especially first thing in the morning. If you just shivered reading that, then you may have to push yourself to enjoy this last benefit of plunge pools. But it’s more than worth the initial cold shock, we promise.

Plunging yourself into cold water, even for just a few seconds, has proven benefits for your body. Firstly, the cold shock will wake you up faster than your morning coffee. But that’s not all: cold water has been known to release hormones and endorphins in your body by stimulating your nerves. This releases a number of healing properties for your body and can help relieve joint pain and even reduce stress on your muscles. Lastly, a cold swim will shock your mind awake and leave you feeling refreshed and more alert – watch your productivity skyrocket! 

Now that you know the amazing benefits of plunge pools, we think you’re ready for the final, secret benefit: plunge pools are just plain fun! If you like swimming and don’t want to commit to an oversized, Olympic pool then plunge pools are the way to go. Encourage yourself and your family to remain healthy and enjoy splash-filled weekends all summer long. See our plunge pool range today for an extensive selection tailored to suit your needs!

You Could Have Your Own Plunge Pool In 7 Days!

The Fibreglass Pool Company can have one of our award-winning fibreglass plunge pools installed in just one week. Now that You know the healthy benefits of one, find your perfect pool today!

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