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Should You Choose A Small Or Medium Pool?

Should You Choose A Small Or Medium Pool?

Should You Choose A Small Or Medium Pool?

Choosing exactly what type of pool you’re going to purchase can be a big decision. Actually, scratch that: it is definitely a huge decision. A fibreglass pool is an investment financial-wise, and something that will stick with your home for many, many years to come. You want to be sure then, that the pool you pick is the right one! If you’re reading this then most likely you’re tossing up between a small or medium sized fibreglass pool. Well, the good news is that both of these can provide a wealth of benefits and swim-tastic features for your home. But again, you’re here because you want the perfect pool! So read on!


Understanding Your Vision

The first step is to understand the vision you have for your own home; then you can match it to one of our award-winning, state-of-the-art pools. Your vision, or better put, the main reason as to why you want a pool, will have a tremendous influence on exactly which pool you’ll want.

Are you thinking of installing a fibreglass pool so that you can swim daily laps and live a healthy lifestyle? That’s fantastic: you’d most likely be after a lap pool then, which is a medium-sized pool.

However, if you want as little maintenance as possible, only see yourself dipping into the pool for a few minutes at a time, then you might consider a plunge pool from our small-pool range instead. 

Clarifying exactly why you want a pool can make your decision much easier and straightforward – and save you from picking the wrong type of pool!

Plan Around Your Home Space

Just as clarifying why you want a pool will make your choice easier, planning around your home space will let you know what you can choose. There’s no point in choosing a medium pool if it simply won’t fit the space you’ve set aside for it. Likewise, if the small pool you’re looking at only fills up less than half of your backyard space, you might consider going larger.

A great way to do this at home is to simply measure out your backyard space with a tape measure (double-checking of course) and then match these measurements to our pool specifications on our site. If this sounds a little overwhelming, The Fibreglass Pool Company recommends filling out our free online quote form or calling us today. We can help with all measurements in order to find you the perfect fibreglass pool.

Discovering which pools you can and can’t fit onto your property will further simplify your decision process.

Small Pools


  1. Hampton Grande 5m
  2. Horse Shoe Spa
  3. Stradbroke 3m
  4. Hamilton 4.5m
  5. Plunge pools


Small pools can offer a wide host of surprising benefits. For example:

  1. The obvious: small pools take up a much smaller area than other pool sizes. This is particularly useful if your home or property is tight on space, such as urban areas
  2. Small pools require far less maintenance. For example, less surface area means less space to clean. Additionally, small pools heat faster, allowing you to save on heating costs. Small pools are great for saving time and money.
  3. Small pools are great for casual swimmers. If you don’t see yourself swimming daily, then you might want to invest in a small pool. The lower price means you won’t feel you need to get as much return on your investment.
  4. They are typically more affordable than larger pools.
  5. Small pools are great for those families looking to capitalize on their poolside area rather. A smaller pool means a bigger area for poolside lounges, sofas, BBQ areas and patio.
  6. Plunge pools: the health benefits of these are numerous.

…Small pools require far less maintenance, however, medium pools offer more space with a deeper end…

Medium Pools


  1. Hamilton 6.5m
  2. Stradbroke 7m
  3. Hampton Grande 7m
  4. Riverina 7.3m
  5. Lap pools


The benefits that medium pools offer are extensive, including:

  1. Medium pools are traditionally the best “all round” pool. They offer the benefits of large pools whilst still modest enough to fit many spaces.
  2. Medium pools are deeper than small pools, allowing for diving and underwater games
  3. Lap pools: encourage a healthy lifestyle for yourself 
  4. More swimming space. This is especially useful if you plan on swimming laps or big family gatherings in your pool.
  5. A lot of medium pools are narrow, allowing them to fit into unique and often convenient spaces.
  6. More room for floaties!

There Is No Wrong Choice

The best benefit that small and medium-sized fibreglass pools can offer you is: there is no wrong choice! If your backyard isn’t limited by space or you don’t have a specific reason for getting a pool other than enjoyment, both types of pools are going to bring enjoyment to you and your family. So, try not to get hung up on specifics. If a particular fibreglass pool is calling your name, then go for it! Just make sure it checks all of your boxes. In fact, getting into contact with The Fibreglass Pool Company is only one click away! See our award-winning small and medium sized pools today.

Small Fibreglass Pools

Medium Fibreglass Pools

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