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Stradbroke 7.0m x 2.5m


7m x 2.5m

Dimensions: Measurements in metres and litres, measurements are estimates only.

Introducing the Stradbroke design, a versatile pool option with a wide range of sizes to suit any backyard. This pool provides the perfect retreat for the entire family, offering a place to relax and enjoy some water fun. With its full-length step, kids can splash and wade in the pool while adults can unwind in the spacious seating area. The dual entry/exit points offer flexible positioning, allowing you to adapt the pool to your outdoor space.

The Stradbroke design features an open swim area and a timeless aesthetic that complements any home. Starting at 3m in length, it is an excellent choice for smaller spaces. Whether you’re swimming laps or simply taking a moment to unwind, the Stradbroke is the perfect pool for both leisure and relaxation.

Key Features:

Unobstructed swimming area: Enjoy a spacious and uninterrupted swimming area, providing ample space for various water activities and enjoyment.

Full-length bench seating: The inclusion of a full-length bench seating offers a comfortable and convenient option. You can even add an optional spa seat to enhance your relaxation experience.

Dual entry and exit points: Benefit from the flexibility of dual entry and exit points, allowing you to position the pool in various configurations. This versatility ensures easy access and seamless integration with your outdoor environment.

Square internal corners: Embrace a clean and stylish look with square internal corners. These corners enable 90-degree paving without the need for unsightly mitres, creating a polished and visually appealing pool area.

Bench seat: The bench seat allows for close positioning to boundaries and structures, maximizing the use of your pool space. Enjoy the convenience of having a comfortable seating area near the pool’s edge.

Experience the Stradbroke design and create unforgettable moments in your own backyard oasis. With its unobstructed swimming area, full-length bench seating, versatile entry and exit points, square internal corners, and close positioning capabilities, this pool design offers the perfect blend of functionality and style. Dive into the Stradbroke and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation, fun, and tranquility.

Pool Colours

Fibreglass pools have rapidly increased in Quality due to the application of advanced swimming pool technology. They offer not only a fantastic range of shapes and sizes but an equally impressive selection of stunning colours. The colour range we have for the fibreglass pools, comprises of 1 Standard colour and 8 additional colours. All these colours are UV Resistant. The most popular colours are Royal Blue Shimmer, Pacific Shimmer and Ocean Shimmer. Royal Jade Shimmer is also becoming more popular. The actual water colour will vary with different light levels, sunlight, shadow, shade and surface water movement.

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