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Should You Buy A Concrete Pool Or A Fibreglass Pool?

Should You Buy A Concrete Pool Or A Fibreglass Pool?

Should You Buy A Concrete Or Fibreglass Pool?

This is the age old question for prospective pool buyers across Australia. Thankfully, nowadays there is enough information around that you as the buyer can arrive at an informed decision – one that works for you. As you can guess, both concrete and fibreglass pools have distinct advantages and their own drawbacks. Understanding these is crucial to getting the pool that’s right for you. One more thing: regardless of the pool build, the quality of each pool is entirely dependent upon you choose to install with. At The Fibreglass Pool Company, we ensure our pools are all manufactured professionally and under rigorous inspection criteria.

Benefits Of A Fibreglass Pool:


Although fibreglass pools still require a certain financial investment, (you’re paying for quality remember) they are on average $10k-$20k cheaper than their concrete counterparts. The reason for this is because fibreglass pools are made from a pre-fitted mould that is produced in a manufacturing plant. Whereas concrete pools will need to be poured and constructed from scratch, with no previous design to follow. Additionally, fibreglass pool materials are noticeably easier to acquire than materials for a concrete pool installation.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Another upside to fibreglass pools is their relatively low maintenance cost compared with concrete pools. The surface of a fibreglass pool is specially designed to be easier to clean. Concrete meanwhile will require regular acid washes, interior scrubbing, interior resurfacing, and higher doses of chlorine to keep the pool algae-free. Fibreglass pools also conveniently retain heat far longer and quicker than concrete pools do, thus lowering your heating costs.

Algae Resistant

The smooth, non-porous nature of a fibreglass pool surface is incredibly reliable at staving off algae. Without any pores in the surface, algae will have a much harder time finding a place to grow. In fact, fibreglass pools are renowned for being algae resistant. This also means that fibreglass pool owners can spend less money on chlorine and chemicals to clean their pools.

Although fibreglass pool designs are premade, pool owners have a wealth of choice when it comes to designing their poolside area. A fibreglass pool can compliment almost anything!

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Record Fast Installation

One of the most recognised advantages of fibreglass pools is their speedy installation time. Concrete pools on average have an installation time of 3 months. Fibreglass pools meanwhile can be installed in as little as 7 days! Okay, so that is using optimal conditions, we admit. But on average fibreglass pools only take 2 – 3 weeks. 

The installation of a concrete pool is a far trickier, complex process than fibreglass. The concrete has to be mixed, poured and set over a long period. What’s more, one day of bad rain can set back a concrete installation by weeks! 

Fibreglass pools from The Fibreglass Pool Company are precise and fitted exactly to our moulds. This way, as soon as you order it is only a quick transportation by truck and installation by (small) crane until your pool is secure on your property.


As you might expect, fibreglass pools being manufactured from a pre-fitted mould means that design creativity is limited. Namely, you will only be able to choose your pool shape and size from a set selection. Unfortunately, you won’t have the opportunity to use your own design when it comes to a fibreglass pool.

However, plenty of fibreglass pool owners say that they appreciated the sometimes overwhelming amount of design choices being slimmed down to a more manageable level.

…When optimal conditions are applied, pools from the fibreglass pool company can be installed in as little as 7 days!…

Benefits Of A Concrete Pool

Stronger Materials

As you might have guessed, concrete is one of the tougher materials out there. It’s no surprise then that concrete pools tend to last just that little bit longer than fibreglass pools. This can be up to 30 years.

Design Your Pool Your Way

Perhaps the biggest advantage to purchasing a concrete pool is the choice to make your own design. Because concrete pools do not come pre-fitted into a mould like fibreglass pools, this means you are free to design the pool how you see fit. If you’ve been dreaming of having your own custom, unique pool then this may be an option for you. This design choice also extends to features, such as decks, alcoves, ledges and fountains as well.

Although concrete pools last longer, fibreglass pools are remarkably more resistant to cracking and bulging, due to their flexible nature.

Drawbacks Of Concrete Pools:

  1. Concrete pools are typically more expensive to install than fibreglass. This is because the installation process is far more complicated.
  2. Higher upkeep: concrete pools require more expensive care than fibreglass and some of these costs can reach well into the tens of thousands over a period of many years.
  3. Prone to algae. Because of concrete’s porous surface, algae is attracted to concrete pools fairly regularly. Algae can be hard to deal with.
  4. More chemicals required. Because concrete pools are more prone to algae, this means concrete pool owners will need to invest in higher chemical does to keep their pool clean.
  5. Concrete pools also cannot use saltwater chlorinators, as the highly abrasive nature of salt can damage the pool surface.

A Final Thought

As we said at the beginning of this article, you can be rest assured that there is no wrong choice when it comes to your pool choice. However, there are definitely pools that are better suited to certain families and their needs. It’s important to take into account all the information you can and see which best suits your home. However, here at Factory Pools Perth, we strongly believe that fibreglass pools are the best choice for the vast majority of Australia’s. The more affordable and easy-to-maintain nature of fibreglass pools can be made to suit almost any family. In fact, why don’t you have a look at our fibreglass pool range today? Our free online quote form is just one click away!

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