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Fantastic Poolside Entertaining During the Cooler Months

Fantastic Poolside Entertaining During the Cooler Months

While you may not be swimming in your pool as much during winter, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it still. The cooler months are just as good a time to entertain around the pool as any other time of year. Here’s how you can host the ultimate event or get together around your pool this winter.

Install a pool heating system

The best way to get the most use out of your pool is by installing a heating system. This allows you to utilise the pool and the pool area for your entertainment because let’s be honest, being able to swim while entertaining is more fun than just entertaining alone. A warm pool encourages your guests to jump in, and it also adds another element to keep your guests entertained while they are over. Pool heating has advanced significantly over recent years, and it doesn’t have to be an energy-guzzling luxury either. With sustainable options such as solar, you can heat your pool for less while being kinder to the environment. Of course, there are other options, so it’s smart to discuss your requirements with a professional to establish which system is going to serve you best. Find out the best pools you can have for each season here!

A fire pit

When your guests get out of the pool, they’ll be cold, and a perfect way to warm them up is by having a fire pit. There are so many benefits to having a fit other than providing warmth. There’s something mesmerising about watching a fire, and this can promote relaxation. They provide a conversational hub for people to gather and build connections. It can also serve as another source of entertainment; with some marshmallows, you can have your guests roasting their own snacks over the open flame. It is fun and interactive. Fire pits come in a huge variety of styles and price points, ranging from small portable types that you can purchase relatively inexpensively from your local hardware store right up to luxury built-in custom pits. Place some comfortable seating around your fire pit, and you’re guaranteed to find your guests here for hours on end. Before lighting up a fire at your place make sure there are no current fire restrictions in place and ensure children are always supervised.

Outdoor heater

Having an outdoor heater when you are entertaining outdoors is a game-changer. Being cold can affect people’s mood and put a dampener on the night. During the day may be fine, as the sun provides warmth, but once the sun starts to go down, you want to have your heater ready to go to prevent having to take the party inside. When choosing an outdoor heater, ensure it is big enough to warm the area where you entertain and consider its placement, so it omits heat the greatest distance. The last thing you want is everyone huddling under a small heater trying to keep warm, that’s no fun for anyone.

Warm throws and comfortable seats

Supplying your guests with ample seating that is comfortable is a given. In winter, having some throws scattered around on your seating can help to keep your guests warm while sitting. When the weather is colder, we are more inclined to stay where the warmth is rather than walking around as we would in the summertime so, ensure that when you are entertaining, wherever there are seating areas, that there is a source of warmth there also. This can help to get people to move about and socialise rather than staying put in one spot.

Indulge in a spa

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your backyard, you can’t go past a spa. Spas can be heated to higher temperatures than a pool, so if you need the water to be considerably warm to go in the water, they are worth considering. They are perfect for entertaining, and soaking in warm water has many health benefits, allowing your guests to feel relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards. If you haven’t already got a pool, spas are generally cheaper and easier to install. They come in a variety of sizes which allows you to choose one that suits your family and your entertainment needs.

Outdoor lights

Relying on light from the house as the main source of lighting for your pool area can be a hazardous mistake. People can trip and fall, and that’ll turn your great party into a bad one, fast. You don’t want your guests struggling to see, and neither do you. The pool area needs to be well lit and as does the walking areas from the house to the pool area. People will need toilet breaks, and they need to see where they are going. You can choose your lights to set the tone of the event, for example, if you are having a dance party, you can have disco lights or for something more mellow, fairy lights are a good choice. Here are some fantastic backyard pool ideas for the whole family!

Consider a windbreak for your pool area

Having sufficient windbreaks in your pool area is good for several reasons. It can help to keep the warmth in your pool area and pool water by preventing cold air from coming in. They are also good for reducing the rate that the water in your pool evaporates which can save you money from not having to top it up all the time.

Serve warm food options

When figuring out what to serve your guests to eat, ensure there are plenty of warm options available. Offering cold foods only isn’t going to cut it, especially when you’re eating outside, it’s not very comforting. You can still have a BBQ but instead of cold salads, change the sides to BBQed corn and vegetables. Slowing cooking is always a good idea, it’s simple and can be done at the start of the day, so you have don’t have to spend time cooking once your guests arrive.

Pool lighting

Pool lighting can take a beautiful pool to the next level. It can create ambience in your backyard and draws your eye to the main event – the pool. Pool lighting allows you to see swimmers clearly when they are in the water, and it enhances the overall safety of the pool area. Modern-day pool lights can be paired with smart technology which enables you to control the settings from your smart device. You can customise your lighting to suit your event.

Have somewhere for your guests to put their drinks down

In the cooler months, people don’t want to be nursing icy cold drinks all night so ensure you have enough side tables and places near your seating areas that your guests can put their drinks down. Ensure you have enough stubby coolers to go around.

While winter events do require a couple of extra considerations, that doesn’t mean you should put your fun on the back burner until the weather warms up. The number one consideration is warmth, once you have that sorted, it’s as straightforward as entertaining at any other time of the year. If you’re looking for a swimming pool or spa for your place, contact our fibreglass pool specialists here at The Fibreglass Pool Company, we have options to suit every backyard, budget, and swimming need.

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