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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Swimming Pool

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Swimming Pool

Living through a pandemic teaches us what really matters in our lives. Having been forced to spend more time amongst family may have been a stretch at the time of lockdowns, however many families revelled in the opportunity to strengthen the bond of their relationships. Having a swimming pool at your home is another- less forced- way to encourage your family to share that quality time. Here are 10 Reasons why it is now your time to invest in a swimming pool from the Fibreglass Pool Company.

1. Quality Time with Family

As mentioned, probably the most fulfilling reason to have a swimming pool in your backyard is that it encourages the family to come together. Our world these days is so focused on technology, it can become another distraction, tugging at the strength of a family unit. It’s easy to get the kids off the devices if they are splashing about in the pool with family.

2. Health and Wellbeing

Swimming has amazing health benefits for everyone. From an intense workout for dad, to some gentle non-weight bearing activities for grandma- you can increase your fitness in many different ways using a swimming pool. Also, using a swimming pool has proven to have positive impacts in other areas of health like improvements in sleep- which is great news for parents of young kids! Spending time around the water also has a positive effect on mental health and increases your mood, especially after a long day at work. Also keep in mind which water sanitisation you will choose, because salt and mineral water can be amazing for people with sensitive skin or eczema.

3. Entertain Friends

If you love putting together a charcuterie board and inviting some friends over for a laugh, then having a gathering around a swimming pool will be another touch of class as you host. Even if you prefer to just empty a bag of potato chips into a plastic bowl- why not entertain guests around your swimming pool. The vibe around a pool can be relaxing with some sun lounges, some instrumental music and the palms rustling in the wind. Alternatively, you can pop on the coloured party lights as the sun goes down, pump up the beats and enjoy a high energy party with your friends. A swimming pool will also save you money when throwing kids parties at the pool, instead of at a different party venue every year! For variety at the kids birthdays, you can have themes or dress up parties!

4. Add Value to Your Home

Not only are you adding value to your family’s relationships, health and entertainment, by investing in a swimming pool, you can add financial benefit to your home. A top search in the real estate websites is for the keyword ‘pool’. This is because Australians love swimming pools! Swimming pools add aesthetic appeal to your yard and these superior properties are often sold at a higher price point. So if you ever want to sell your home, your fibreglass swimming pool can add financial value to your asset, as future buyers will choose a modern-looking, easy and affordable pool for them to maintain, over other houses.

5. Save Money

It may sound counterintuitive to ‘spend money’ on your swimming pool, for you to be able to ‘save money’… However, having a swimming pool in your backyard, means you save money on expensive days out at water parks or entertainment, as you can spend more time in your backyard. Family holidays are extremely costly, especially if you have a big family, and need lots of rooms! You might find you actually spend a big chunk of the cost of an entire pool, just on one single trip. You can enjoy a lifetime of memories by investing in a fibreglass swimming pool.

6. Cool Down (or warm up!)

Our hot Aussie summer means that many people choose to stay inside where it is air-conditioned. Having a splash in your fibreglass pool means you will still be able to cool down on those scorching hot days, however you will still get to enjoy the beautiful sun and summer weather. Alternatively, it’s great to know that fibreglass pools retain heat well. If you decide to install a heating system to your pool or spa, you will be able to use your pool all year round and in the evenings too!

7. Avoid Crowds

Avoid the queues at the water parks and the crowds of people at the public pools and beaches. These crowds and queues are made worse in the school holidays! You won’t have to fight for a poolside lounge chair or stressfully squint about looking for your kid in the crowds of hundreds of other small people, or the heads bobbing up and down in the dangerous waves. Enjoy your own sand-free, safe space in your very own backyard oasis by the pool.

8. Teach the kids to swim when they are young

When a child is confident and feels safe around water, there are a lot of benefits (listed above) that are attached to their time in the water. By teaching kids to swim at a younger age, not only are they learning life-preserving skills, they are having fun, socialising and building relationships! Kids can develop an increase in their muscle tone from the movements they do in the water. Statistics also show that children who swim regularly generally have better hand-eye coordination. By teaching your children to swim, it may even improve their cognitive development, because swimming involves the use of bilateral cross-patterning motions. (Cross-patterning is when both sides of the body are moving in unison to complete a task.) This will promote neuron growth in your child’s brain, which is known to help with a myriad of educational and development benefits like communication, academic learning, spatial awareness, language development, literacy, maths, and verbal skills! You’d be silly not to, hey?

9. Any backyard can have a pool

Are you worried that you don’t have space in your backyard? Or maybe you have a busy schedule and cannot afford to spend the time cleaning and maintaining a swimming pool? Did you know that you can get a self-cleaning pool with low/no maintenance to suit your family needs! A small plunge pool is great for a yard with minimal space, or if you are only going to use the pool to relax in or do some hydrotherapy exercises. However, if you have a big family that intends to swim regularly, and entertain, you can choose a larger pool if you have the space.

10. You deserve the luxury

Having your own slice of paradise in your very own backyard is easy when you have a swimming pool. Sometimes parents believe they will install the pool for their kids to enjoy, however soon enough they realise that they are the ones who enjoy it the most. You can customise this space to look like a tropical oasis, or maybe you like a more modern square edged look. Choose from light coloured contemporary finish on a fibreglass pool will provide a resort-style feel, whereas a darker shade pool with wooden surrounds, and traditional materials give a sleek and modern feel. A family pool can become your own luxury escape from the world.

At the Fibreglass Pool Company we are excited to help you choose the pool that will suit your family and backyard. Please reach out to us, so our friendly team can help you plan your dream swimming pool.

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