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The Best Types Of Pools For Each Season

The Best Types Of Pools For Each Season

The Best Types Of Pools For Each Season

Savvy homeowners will know that their pool can bring an unparalleled quality of design to their property. And the best part? You get to swim in it, too! It really is a win-win situation. 

However, as with many of your home decor designs and improvements, you will find that your pool is significantly affected by the changing of seasons. Rather than view this as a negative thing, you as a pool owner can use the seasons to your advantage! If you’re looking to uplift the aesthetic of your home and establish consistency in your designs, then read on!

Prepare For Each Season

Your pool, fun as it is to spend weekends splashing in, can actually be more than just a fun place to relax. It’s no secret that with the right amount of care and attention, your pool can serve as a statement piece for your home. 

But have you considered aligning your pool with a certain season? Doing so will make your pool’s design stand out during your chosen season. For example, if you were to place plants and flowers, as well as choose a bright pool colour, come springtime your pool will come alive with vibrancy! More so than if you didn’t align that design with spring. 

Even better, your home and pool will be the image of spring throughout the rest of the seasons, too! It’s a great way to craft your home’s design to be warm and inviting year-round – or whatever other seasonal feeling you’re after!

A good way to decide on which season to take inspiration from is to consider your pool’s functionality: are you planning on covering it up during winter because it’s too cold to swim? Will you be too busy at the park with the kids during spring? Hit 2 birds with 1 stone by designing your pool and poolside area for a specific season. Doing so will give you a deeper understanding of your own future plans for your pool, and also allow you to have an absolutely showstopper of a season. Because of the myriad health benefits of simply being outside, making the most of your pool is a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle for your kids, too! 

To help you along, we’ve curated some of the trendiest and most popular pool combinations for each season, complete with colours! 

Summer: Go Big, Go Blue!

We’re going to start right out the gate with the most popular season for swimming pools: summer! As the great songwriter John Mayer quotes: A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about

We highly recommend going for a large pool if summer is your priority. Summer swimmers will typically spend a far greater time in their pool than other seasonal swimmers. Summer also has perfect weather conditions for family and friendly gatherings, which may or may not include BBQs! A large pool will ensure you have enough swimming space for all of your guests – and their favourite pool games!

In terms of colour, blue is the most popular option for many pool owners. A classic, all-time-favourite for a classic season; a blue pool is the very image of the quintessential dream pool. During summer, your pool will most likely be in direct sunlight. A deep or shimmering blue colour will soak up this sunlight to create a lavish appearance, full of life. This is especially the case for fibreglass pools, that are naturally blue. Bonus points because a blue colour will allow the kids to see to the bottom of the pool for their diving games!

Design ideas perfect for summer: 

  1. Consider installing an umbrella to create a sun-safe space 
  2. Have some comfy chairs nearby to encourage sunbathing 
  3. Store some tastefully coloured towel stacks nearby, for looks and convenience

Winter: Warm Up With Darker Colours

Beat the chill of winter with a spa! Even though cold water swimming has plenty of benefits, the vast majority of pool owners don’t enjoy being cold while they swim. 

Your winter pool design doesn’t need to be a pool at all, nor do you need to be freezing to enjoy a winter aesthetic. A spa can be especially useful in areas that are severely affected by the cold (think snow and ice) and can fit smoothly into a cabin-themed aesthetic. We recommend darker colours for spas in order to give it an immediately warmer feel to its look. A darker spa colour will also develop a sense of luxury during nighttime use, and give the impression that the spa is deeper than it really is. Double your nighttime appeal by adding underwater LED lights for maximum luxury.  

Some winter-themed design ideas to go with your spa:

  1. A warm, comfortable couch with a blanket nearby 
  2. An open fire pit or brazier nearby 
  3. Hot chocolate on hand! (Duh)

Spring: Celebrate New Life With Vibrancy

It’s safe to say that spring is the 2nd favourite season for swimming, behind summer. It is the season of new beginnings after all; so there’s no better time to implement a new design! 

A medium-sized pool would be most fitting for this particular season. The reasoning behind this is that the beginning of spring (in some locations) may still be a tad too cold to properly swim. Whereas the tail-end of spring will be far warmer and more suited to swimming. As you can see, spring can be an indecisive season. Address this easily with a medium pool. If it ends up being too cold to swim at the beginning of the season, then you won’t have overcommitted on finances and size. On the other hand, if you find yourself swimming regularly towards the end of the season, then you’ll still have more than enough space for the whole family!

Spring’s colour choice is an easy one: think bright and vibrant! This is the season for flowers and plants to bloom, after all, not to mention the days become sunnier and longer. So, celebrate all of this natural vibrancy that is blossoming into your life with equally vibrant and bright colour for your pool!

Spring-themed design ideas for your pool: 

  1. Consider a wide variety of plants and flowers near your pool 
  2. Pile up some pillows so you can sit back and enjoy the fresh smell of spring 
  3. Make sure to sprinkle in some colour – consider refitting the fabric of nearby chairs or lounges 

Autumn: Consider A Plunge Pool, Outlandish Colours

Autumn is the final season on our list. If spring is the season of new ideas and vibrant designs for fibreglass pools, then autumn is when it all starts to cool down. 

For this season, we’d strongly recommend a plunge pool (queue shocked gasps.) By why? You might be asking yourself. Well, the answer is simple: autumn is notorious for leaves falling into pools and clogging up filters. This process can be very frustrating for pool owners who may not have the time on hand to spare for an extra-long clean-up process. Plunge pools, on the other hand, will naturally draw fewer leaves than other sized pools because of their smaller than average surface area. Your fibreglass pool can’t be clogged with leaves if the leaves never make it to your water! 

Plunge pools are also well-known for their affordable prices. As we mentioned above, you may be concerned about over-committing to a regular pool size when the average temperature of autumn can fluctuate wildly. 

Autumn is the perfect season to try your hand at outlandish and unique colours. Such colours can include stark white, midnight black, and sandy green. Autumn will have plants of all kinds changing colour, so you may as well join in the trend and find your own colour groove. 

Autumn design ideas: 

  1. Consider a wooden storage container, to blend with the darker and richer colours of autumn 
  2. You can’t go wrong with books! Have a pile nearby, preferably undercover, so that you can enjoy reading in the brisk outdoors 
  3. Seeing as it is autumn, forgo any large trees around your pool and instead place some plants in pots that will not wilt during this season

A Final Note On Pairing Your Pool With Each Season

There’s no doubt about it: pairing your pool design to a specific season is a great way to uplift the overall design of your home. This choice will also help you better understand exactly when you plan to use it, so you have something to look forward to throughout the year. Following these insights will allow you to establish consistency in your home’s design and decor. We can’t wait to hear from you and see what you’ve done!

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