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Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

When you are planning to have a pool installed in your backyard, you need to take some time out to research the various designs out there. You can get as creative as you want when designing your pool. But don’t forget to ask yourself what design best fits your space without compromising on the affordability aspect. Before taking a call, explore the different pool designs and choose the one that can cost-effectively create the appeal you want.

Go through the following paragraphs to understand the factors you should consider when deciding on a budget pool design.


Planning Is The First Step

In-Ground Or Above-Ground

The first factor is your backyard. Do you have a level surface in your yard? If so, you are lucky. You can either choose to have an above-ground pool or an in-ground one. If your yard, on the other hand is sloping, has an uneven or rocky surface, an above-ground pool would make the best choice. A fiberglass above-ground pool is ideal for hillside or sloping properties. It is strong, durable, and can sit on any surface without throwing any challenges at you.

Pool Positioning

The next thing is pool positioning. Most people love to have their pool installed at the center of their backyard. While some would prefer to have it close to their home, several others like to have the pool parallel to their building, at a distance.

Pool design and positioning depends upon your home architecture too. Ensure to match your pool with the architectural style and your property decor. You should also think how your pool builder can access your yard and how this impacts pool positioning.

Once you have answers to these questions or thoughts, identify your need. Why are you buying a pool? Is it for relaxation and fun or to boost your health and immunity?

Decide Between A Lap Pool And A Plunge Pool

A lap pool is ideal if you are more concerned about achieving fitness levels. It offers a long stretch of unobstructed water to practice swimming. You and your family can exercise in complete privacy at your convenient time and improve your health to a great extent.

A plunge pool is perfect if you want to relax and rejuvenate. It is deeper than the other pools and more compact, and the best choice if you have a small backyard. Immerse yourself in this pool every evening after work and feel the soothing water on your body. You can also do gentle water exercises. Further, you can customize this pool with jets for an enhanced pool experience. A plunge pool can sit in minimum space and provide the gratification you craved for.

The choice is abundant. Determine your need, space availability and affordability before choosing a pool design. If you are in a dilemma and unable to make a decision, you can also contact your local pool company for advice. A reputed pool builder will visit your place, check your backyard and suggest the ideal pool design.


Next Steps

  • Get to know the approval requirements by reaching out to your local council.
  • Check the site map to make sure there are no pipes or cables running under your pool area.
  • Understand the local safety regulations.
  • Explore the different local pool builders and choose a company that you feel is reliable for your pool installation.

Courtyard Pool Designs

If your property comprises a small courtyard, you can plan to have your dream pool within that space. Opt for an in-ground or above-ground compact plunge pool where you can rejuvenate your body and mind. You can also consider getting rounded edges for your plunge pool. To create a more calming and relaxed atmosphere, place comfy seating around.

If your house is modern with contemporary architecture, a straight-edged rectangular pool will be a good choice. Surround this with neutral colored tiles and attractive decking to rightly set up the space. You can also grow some small potted green plants to create a lush ambiance. Hibiscus, roses, and palms are good options.

You should also consider your pool’s closeness to your neighbor’s property. If it is positioned very close to your neighbor’s house, elevate your deck to ensure pool privacy. Get creative and think of wise options to make your pool attractive while ensuring to keep it away from the view of your neighbors.

Budget Contemporary Pool Ideas

If you are a cool personality with a liking for the contemporary lifestyle, consider getting a rectangular infinity pool. It appears luxurious and perfectly resonates with your personality.

A lap pool is one of the pool designs that never go out of fashion. Complement this pool with attractive water features and a glass surround to create a stunning look.

If you are looking for a more modern vibe, place a few sleek seats beside your pool. Add mood lighting to up the space appeal. You can find adjustable LED lights that can truly transform the look of your pool area. A fire pit is also a great inclusion.

Family Pool Ideas

A classic rectangular swimming pool is perfect for families. With shallow areas at the ends and a deep center, this pool design is going to be great for playing pool games.

Add some deck jets with backlighting to make pool time even exciting.

Create a lounge area where you can rest and monitor your kids while they are playing in the pool.

Are You A Nature Lover?

Create a pool area inspired by nature. Place different sized stones around your pool and plant grasses in between to bring in a naturalistic feel. Incorporate an infinity waterfall or a rocky waterfall to further enhance the beauty of the space.

Love the sounds of birds and insects? Plant stuff in your garden that attracts these creatures, Rice flower bushes, Acacia, and the red gum flowers are some of them to mention.

To conclude, we suggest you explore different budget pool design options before deciding on one. Start planning before you reach out to a pool builder for pool installation.

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