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5 Ways to Enhance Your Pool’s Wow Factor

5 Ways to Enhance Your Pool’s Wow Factor

Are you unhappy with the current pool in your backyard? Maybe you moved into a house that already had a pool installed with someone else’s vision? Perhaps it has been years since you installed a pool and now you find it stale as the styles were quite different years ago? Whatever the reason, you can make brilliant changes to your existing pool to bring a wow factor to it.

In this article, we list down our top 5 pool renovation ideas that will make your pool look new and get the most bang for your buck.

Let’s dive in!

LED Lighting or Glow in The Dark Mosaic Tiles

Yes, you may already have light around your pool. Consider replacing your ordinary lighting with LED lighting. You can install LED lights anywhere in the pool area or below the water. They come in different colours, so you don’t have to be boring and you can go crazy with them. The best part about LED lighting for your pool is that they are extremely cost-effective. They help you save considerably on electricity bills which can compensate for the higher cost of installation. LED lighting truly makes it easy to transform even the dullest pool setting into a unique sanctuary.

If the idea of lighting up your pool in the dark excites you, you may consider glow in the dark tiles to jazz up your pool. Contrary to popular belief, these aren’t so costly and allow you to enjoy a relaxing galaxy swim every night after you turn off the porch lights. These tiles can give up to 6 to 8 hours of glow after a full day of basking in the sun. So, if you live in an area where your backyard gets plenty of direct sunlight, this could be a good option for your home pool.

Pool Fencing

Most of the older swimming pools have outdated pool fencing that takes away greatly from the pool’s aesthetic appeal. Fortunately for us, there are multiple pool fencing options to change the feel and look of your pool. You can go for natural wooden fencing, which blends into the natural surroundings of your backyard and gives you complete privacy from the neighbour’s watchful gaze. Another option is border-less glass fencing which gives an elegant look to your pool. An added benefit of this pool fencing type is that parents can supervise their kids without having any obstructions to block their view.

Based on the region where you stay, pool fencing requirements are updated continually. Often, to comply with the current rules, you may have to build a new pool fence anyway. This can involve total refurbishment of your pool’s exterior space. Whether mandatory or not, it is advisable to check with your local council before you consider changing your pool’s fencing. This way, you meet both council and safety regulations while giving a complete makeover to your pool area.

Pool Resurfacing and Decking

If you have a good budget, remodelling your pool’s surface can be money well spent. Over the years, your pool may experience some wear and tear. Or, if your existing pool has a simple plaster finish, resurfacing it would improve the look of the pool and make it look ultra-modern. Vinyl pool liners are a hot favourite of many pool owners. They come with an extensive range of colours and patterns that leave you spoiled for choice. With their low maintenance and silky-smooth texture, they are extremely easy to clean and drastically improve your pool’s appearance.

If you want to revitalize your pool’s look some more, you may consider creating a tempting frame around it that makes anyone want to jump right in. From stone decking to wooden decks that blend with the natural backyard, there are several options to pick from. With stone decking, you can add natural stones around the pool that can be matched with the tiling of the pool. It would feel like you have installed a fresh pool in your backyard and it will become the focal point of discussion at all your pool parties. We bet!

Area Around the Pool

If you feel that the area around your pool lacks magic, focus on what change you can bring about to improve the nearby area. Backyards that are not well-looked-after begin to look messy very soon. Even the best-maintained ones become dull over time with inclusions of unwanted plants and bushes. One of the best ways to improve an old backyard is to make sure you use one species of plants of one colour consistently for the hedges and garden borders. This gives a unifying effect to the backyard as a whole and creates a pleasing symmetry.

If you have a larger area and the budget is no constraint, you may consider building an outdoor bar or kitchen to host pool parties. An outdoor kitchen makes it much easier to entertain your guests while also serving them lip-smacking food to binge on. Or you could invest in some shade structures as a place to relax. After all, you don’t want to spend all your time sitting in the scorching sun when you are on the poolside. If you are looking for a permanent addition, a covered patio area can work wonders. For something temporary, strategically placed umbrellas are a good option.


Water Features

For some pool owners, still waters can give a stagnant feeling. Adding some innovative water features can keep the water moving and bring outdoorsy feels that you seek. Although water features can be expensive pool renovation options, they turn your swimming pool into a more visually appealing space. When we say water features, it covers everything from cascades, fountains and waterfalls to spas and sprayers. They can instantly breathe life into a lacklustre pool area with sound and motion. For example, water slides designed to look like natural waterfalls can give a very sophisticated look to your pool and be extremely popular with your kids.

Some more water feature options that allow you to be creative include:

  • Fountains: Depending on the size of your pool, you can install a fountain that enhances the beauty of your swimming pool.
  • Waterfall: If you wish to add a cozy ambience to your pool, waterfalls can do the trick. From natural stone to tile, there is a wide range of options to choose from.
  • Bubblers: Notice the mini fountains in a lavish resort pool? These can be found in the shallow end and come with underwater lights, so they can sparkle at night.

Closing Thoughts

Not every pool renovation idea has to burn a hole in your pocket. Some features such as LED lighting can help you save more money in the long run while giving your pool a shiny makeover.

If you are looking to get a pool installed in your backyard or renovate your existing pool drastically to improve its visual appeal, we are here for you. Give us a call and our friendly team will get in touch with you to discuss your pool requirements. We are backed by a rich experience in the installation of fibreglass pools with water features for our happy customers. You could be next.

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