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6 Of The Best Swimming Pool Features For Your Home

6 Of The Best Swimming Pool Features For Your Home

Swimming pools have come a long way in recent years and they offer far more than just a place to cool off on a hot day. When it comes time to choose features for your pool, your options are endless and deciding which ones to include can be tricky so, to help, we’ve put together 6 of some of the best swimming pool features.


A Tanning Ledge

Tanning ledges are masterfully integrated into one end of the pool, generally at the entry point. They are essentially a dedicated shallow stretch that is just over 20cm deep. Tanning ledges are generous in size and have ample room for relaxation. The great thing about them is that they are multipurpose and can be used for an array of activities. Many choose to place in-water sun loungers in this space which creates the ultimate holiday vibe. Sitting back and relaxing with a cool drink in hand, you can’t beat that in summer. Others choose to have this area solely due to having young children and it provides a spot for them to play safely without having to hold on to them the whole time when they are in the pool. It gives parents a chance to relax while watching the kids have fun. Tanning ledges are included in many fibreglass pool designs, making it a breeze to find the perfect one for you and your swimming requirements.

Spa Wader With Splash Deck/Tanning Ledge


Water Features

Water features not only look and sound pleasant, but they are beneficial to both parents and the kids. The sound of running water is known to have therapeutic effects. Having a water feature installed in your pool provides you with a place to sit in the fresh air while enjoying the serenity after a long day. This can help to unwind and boost overall morale. For the kids, a water feature offers a limitless source of entertainment that can encourage imaginative play, they will spend hours on end playing here. Water features come in an abundance of styles and designs which allows you to choose one to suit the overall look you are trying to create in your backyard. You can have them built into the pool in the form of bubblers or you can opt for more elaborate types such as waterfalls and fire water features that cascade into the pool externally.

Water features come in an abundance of styles and designs which allows you to choose one to suit the overall look you are trying to create in your backyard


Lighting in and around your pool can create a show stopping statement, especially when the sun starts to go down. It not only improves the aesthetics but makes it safer too. After all, who doesn’t love a nighttime summer swim? If you can prevent injuries while doing so, even better! Modern-day pool lighting allows you to interchange the colours, the brightness and put them on timers, giving you complete control over how your pool looks at all times. Whether you host regular pool parties or have leisurely swims in the evening, you can create the perfect ambience for the moment using your swimming pool lighting. You can have as many or little lights as you like and your pool builder can give you some good advice on how to achieve the look you want. LED pool lighting is the most popular choice as it offers a bright, white light with no yellow hues and they are energy-efficient and long-lasting.


Adjoining Spa

If you want the ultimate recreational space that oozes opulence, you can’t go past a pool with an adjoining spa. The spa is usually positioned at one end of the pool and ties in seamlessly. You can choose between a standard spa or one with an overflow opening. Overflow openings enable water from the spa to spill over into the pool which creates a stunning design feature. Having an adjoining spa gives you the best of both worlds, you can swim and exercise in the pool and then move into the spa to relax and unwind. Perfect for those who love to entertain as there’s room for everyone. While they are more expensive to install than just a pool alone, they offer huge lifestyle benefits and can add significant value to your property.


Jets are an effective way to enhance your swimming pool and you have two different options to choose from depending on what you want to achieve from installing them. The first option is spa jets and the name may have given it away but they are used to create a spa section in your pool. They are commonly installed in the seating area where it is comfortable to sit and are used to help soothe and massage the body. Spa jets are a great way to make your pool multipurpose, you can have the main swimming area for activities and exercise and then your spa section for relaxing.

The other option is for the fitness fanatics, and they are swim jets. Three jets are normally built-in at one end of the pool, two at shoulder height with the other at chest level and they propel a continuous current of water towards the swimmer. This creates resistance used to swim laps against. Swim jets usually have settings so you can alter the speed to suit the persons swimming abilities. Being able to change the speed also comes in handy for warming up and cooling down when working out. They can also be used for hydrotherapy and rehabilitation purposes. Swim spas are a great choice for smaller pools that normally wouldn’t have enough room to do laps in.

Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic pool covers, while expensive, offer a variety of benefits that make them a worthwhile investment. Unlike other cover types, automatic covers are built-in discreetly to the side of your pool, so they aren’t an eyesore. The cover is hard which adds another layer of safety. They can weigh around 900 kilograms so if a child unknowingly gets into the pool area, they won’t fall into the water. A pool cover can significantly reduce your heat, water, and chemical loss making it cheaper to maintain. As rainwater and debris are unable to fall into your pool, they can’t disrupt your chemistry levels, keeping your water cleaner for longer. Automatic covers are simply rolled out into place and retracted with the touch of a button, no more dragging the pool cover across the water, trying to get it even. Because they are so easy to use, you’ll use it more which means you will reap all the benefits a pool cover can offer.

A pool cover can significantly reduce your heat, water, and chemical loss making your pool cheaper to maintain

Spoilt For Choices When Choosing Your Pool Features

We’ve listed some of the many pool features available for fibreglass pools and when deciding which features you’d like to include, it’s best to work out which ones you think you’d benefit from the most rather than just what’s in trend right now. Some features can be costly, so it’s best to have a chat with your pool builder to discuss which ones should be added when building the pool and which ones can wait if need be. Here at The Fibreglass Pool Company, we specialise in luxurious fibreglass swimming pools and are happy to answer questions you may have about features for your pool. For more information, get in touch today.

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