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What You Must Know Before Buying Your Pool

What You Must Know Before Buying Your Pool

What You Must Know Before Buying Your Pool

Decisions! Decisions!

Buying a swimming pool is no walk in the park. To begin with, it’s a huge investment, as well as a procedural effort in terms of putting it in. Most homeowners may consider installing a fibreglass pool which is a kind of pool that is very popular today. Fibreglass material is easy to install, though some excavation is required. Fibreglass swimming pools last long and are convenient where maintenance is concerned. When you make an investment such as this, you don’t do it every day. Consequently, you want to be sure that you are making a wise decision in the first place. After you do decide, you will want it to last.

Many homeowners are taking decisions to install pools even after owning a home for a few years. Although owning a pool is a very prudent decision, especially for the long run, in case you are building a house, you should consider putting the pool in with the house. This is easy in terms of materials being used, professionals who will be at your property in any case, and overall convenience. Putting in a pool while the house is being built will give you a blank slate to design your area with your house space in perspective. So, let’s plunge right in and see what you should think of when you opt to have a concrete or fibreglass pool.

Do your Research Well

While you may have seen many pools in your day, every pool isn’t a mere pool. There is a lot more to the pool than meets the eye. First, you get them in several shapes, sizes, colors and model versions. There’s one to fit every backyard. You will also find one available that is perfectly suited to your needs and fancies. Concrete pools are made of concrete, and these are conventional pools. They can be custom-made to match your choice. This is about the only advantage they have over fibreglass pools. Whatever the case may be, you should choose depending on your individual purpose and requirement.

Fibreglass pools are becoming increasingly popular these days. The only drawback, if you can call it that, is that they can’t be custom-built. Fibreglass pools come in standard sizes, ready to be installed. An in-ground pool is one which is neatly inserted in a hole that is excavated into the ground, as is the case with fibreglass pools. You will get years of enjoyment with such a pool, and though fibreglass pools come in prescribed sizes, there is a huge variety of sizes. They are also very durable and heat-resistant.

The Shape of the Pool

The aesthetics of a pool play a relevant role in the pool’s overall appeal. The design you choose is crucial and a range of shapes offer distinctive benefits and will determine how you enjoy your pool. Mainly, with regard to shape, two types of pools exist:

  • If you desire a classic, chic look, then you can opt for a rectangular shape. This may look plain to some, but offers a clean perspective, especially in fiberglass pools. Great for children to play in, they are super to exercise in and take laps too. Alternately, you can relax when you want.
  • Opting for a jelly-bean shaped pool or a pool that has a free form, gives you the opportunity to have ideal landscaping around it. These pools will likely have ledges that can be designed in a number of ways to hone your creativity. Prudently, your choice of pool design will be dependent on your budget and requirements. Buying a pool with a particular shape is a highly singular choice.

While selecting the shape of your pool, think of how it reflects your individual style and the reasons for which you are making your choice. This is as much of a lifestyle decision as one of practicality.

The Pool You've Dreamed About

You may have had, if you have always wanted to have a pool, images of the ideal pool in your head. After you have settled on what you want as the shape of your pool, you may want to ask yourself whether this is practically possible, given your space. Think of the purpose, whether you want it mainly for your children, or an elderly family member. You may want a heated pool if you are in a colder region. If you want to use the pool at will, night or day, you may opt for a heated fibreglass pool.

Although you may have wanted to have a large pool with all the trimmings, this may not be realistically possible. Nonetheless, take heart, there are a lot of options out there. Think of consulting an expert, or a pool company that will offer you a consultation and a quote for free.


After you have selected the pool you want and one that’s realistically plausible for your property, you may think of some additional features for surrounding areas. Does your backyard have the space for these? If so, these will be installed after the main pool is put up, whether it’s a fiberglass pool or a concrete one.

Fit these in after your pool has been installed. It doesn’t make sense to think about it and wait to do it later. If you want a waterfall cascading into the pool, or a small slide, it’s a good idea to go for it while the work is still ongoing. You may like a particular paving style that leads up to your pool, or a landscaped area at the side of it. Many pool companies adjust the price of additional amenities against the cost of the pool. Make your decisions and let them know as early as possible. You may be able to cut costs as well as get what you want.

Eco-friendly Options

Fiberglass pools are eco-friendly pools that are coated with a gel. This is done to provide the pool with a resilient finish, much like a polish, that makes the pool easy to maintain in the future. Furthermore, these gels are available in an array of colors so you can choose one that suits your decor.

Gels are eco-friendly and keep the pool from accumulating bacteria, reducing it by 99%. Most companies that manufacture and install pools use revolutionary eco-friendly products. These products effectively prevent algae and mold from contaminating your pool’s surface. This also helps you in maintaining your pool conveniently.

Other Material

A range of pool salts and equipment for heating is available for pools. These, too, are eco-friendly and electric power will not be wasted. You may think that most of these cost the Earth, but that’s not the case. If you install a fiberglass pool or a concrete one, you can be sure that the pool company will work out a plan that’s best for you.

Professionals are Perfect

Having a pool put in is a big investment that you put your money and time into. It’s imperative that you select a pool company that is a reputable manufacturer of swimming pools. Depending on the type of pool being installed, see that you opt for an accredited manufacturer and installer. Certain companies are experts with fiberglass pools, and several deal in both concrete and fiberglass.

Specific companies may be certified to manufacture pools, but may not install them. It’s easier to find a good one that does both. Ask a lot of questions – it’s your prerogative and the company is getting business!

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