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Why You Should Think Like A Pool Owner Before Making Your Purchase!

Why You Should Think Like A Pool Owner Before Making Your Purchase!

Why You Should Think Like A Pool Owner Before Making Your Purchase!

A house with a swimming pool is a dream home to many. While some people’s dreams come true while they buy a home, others fulfill their dreams by building a swimming pool. Buying or building a swimming pool can be overwhelming as well as an exciting experience. There are so many choices and so many decisions to make! But if you want to ensure that you have made the right decision with your pool, think like you already own a pool rather than thinking like a first-time buyer. 

There are several things to consider before you buy a pool and several questions you can ask yourself. You may be faced with questions such as

  1. Who will use the pool?

  2. How often will the pool be used?

  3. Will, it fit my backyard?

What are the fixtures I will need?

Will the maintenance tear a hole in my pocket?

The most important considerations are the ones that throw light on aspects such as shape, color, size, lighting, saltwater vs. chlorine, location in the backyard, and price. But if you are thinking like you already own a pool, these things become less important and what matters the most is the inkling pool owners get once the pool is in the ground. Here are some things to consider while you weigh your options.

Think about what life looks like as a pool owner

People who come looking for a pool fantasize about resort-style living, where they picture themselves having fun and relaxing with their family by the poolside. It is true that pools can be fun for the whole family. But it is a good idea to understand the time and effort it takes to maintain one. 

A pool requires maintenance. You may find yourself cleaning the pool soon after it is used just before you plan on using it. Keeping the pool clean is a vital aspect as it can directly or indirectly impact your health. That is something you wouldn’t have envisioned while making the purchase. 

There are various self-cleaning systems available in the market that you can install to ensure that your pool is always clean and ready for use. You don’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning it yourself or arguing with the pool cleaners.

Think about what you will be using the pool for!

What is the purpose of the swimming pool? Why do you need one? Is it for entertainment, casual relaxing, or to exercise? Knowing the purpose of the pool will help you choose the right size and shape. It will help you in the long run, ensuring that the pool is used more and more. 

Concrete Vs Fibreglass, which one is better?

Finding the right fit can be very difficult, especially when you have to decide between a concrete and fibreglass swimming pool. Here are their advantages and disadvantages that will help you decide.

Benefits of concrete pool

  • You can build it to match any size and shape as they are made on-site.
  • They offer a range of surface finishes depending on one’s preferences and budget, making them more appealing
  • From a structural point of view, they are very strong and reliable
  • Shortcomings of concrete pool
  • They take a long time to build. The on-site construction work takes several months
  • Designs can become more complex as per choice and thus increase the cost
  • Popular surface finishes  can be rough on barefoot and cause grazes and scrapes
  • They can become breeding ground for algae and bacteria 
  • It costs more to maintain them and keep them healthy for use
  • They are susceptible to black algae which are very difficult to eradicate
  • They require ongoing care and maintenance, as well as reconditioning, depending on the surface used.

Benefits of fibreglass pool

  • As most of the work is done in the factory, it takes less time on-site to install.
  • They are visually appealing and enhance the overall look of the pool.
  • They have a smooth gel-coat surface that is easy to maintain. You get a good control against algae and bacteria growth.
  • They are more healthy compared to concrete and less expensive to clean
  • They do not need resurfacing and require very little ongoing care to keep them in good condition
  • The material is incredibly durable, strong, flexible, and chemical resistant, making them more reliable. 
  • Shortcomings of fibreglass pool
  • As these pools are made in a factory setting using factory mold, you can only choose from only pre-determined shapes and sizes. 
  • Based on your needs, you can choose either a concrete or fibreglass swimming pool for your home. 

Consider running cost and maintenance cost

Owning a swimming pool can be a pride to many. But did you know that there is an ongoing cost as well as maintenance cost associated with running them? Don’t let this cost hold you back. If you think about the costs before making the purchase, you can take steps to keep the pool maintenance and running cost to a minimum. 

  • When it comes to owning a swimming pool, you will be faced with three cost centers as given below.
    Electricity to run the filtration/pumps and the heating system
  • Chemicals that make the pool safe to swim 
  • Maintenance that keeps the pool looking new
  • Did you know that the better the water circulation, the less it costs to run the pool? Filtration is the most important factor that influences the cost center. It also reduces the cost of chemicals as pools that have even water temperature use less chemicals as bug cleaning agents are thoroughly mixed. In fact, you would be using nearly half as less chemicals when compared to the traditional pool filtration system. The quality of your equipment also plays a vital role in reducing the cost centers. 

What are the prospects?

Will your swimming pool stand the test of time? All pools look and feel great when they are new, but they gradually start to lose their charm if they are not maintained properly. To ensure that your swimming pool remains your home’s pride and your investment, look for product reviews before you buy. Make sure to ask about cosmetic and structural warranties as well to ensure that you are buying a good quality product. Your swimming pool can be a major visual feature of your home if you invest in the right one. 

Will a pool increase the value of the property?

You may have planned to live in your home until your last breath, but you may need to sell it and move on at times. Maybe you have better things waiting for you in a different neighborhood! It is always wise to consider how a swimming pool can affect the value of the property. Did you know, homes with swimming pools are considered to be luxury homes and priced a little higher? But that depends on how well you have constructed and maintained the pool. Your swimming pool can contribute to a higher sales price for your home. 

If you are planning on selling your home, to ensure that your swimming pool is attractive here’s what you can do!

  1. Before buying a swimming pool, choose a shape and size that appeals to many.
  2. Make sure to keep the running cost low, no one would want to buy a home with a pool that can tear a hole in their pockets
  3. Remember, the less the time people spend maintaining it, the more appealing it is to them
  4. Look for solid warranties that can be passed to the new owners.

Buying and installing a swimming pool is not a day’s work. It needs a lot of time and energy, and a whole lot of thought processing to ensure that the pool is just right. The only way to ensure that you buy the right one is to believe that you already own one!

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