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Rectangular Or Freeform: Picking Your Perfect Pool

Rectangular Or Freeform: Picking Your Perfect Pool

Rectangular or Freeform: Picking Your Perfect Pool

Choosing to install a pool in your home is a smart investment and a cause for celebration. However, there are still plenty of decisions left for you to make in between now and diving into your dream pool. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is the shape of your pool. The two options you have to choose from are typically rectangular or freeform. The truth is, neither of these options can be right or wrong; your decisions depends on your taste and the vision you have for your backyard. So, to help make your choice easier, we’ve drafted up the primary differences and inherent benefits of both types of pools.

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What exactly Is A Rectangular Pool

Rectangular pools are also known as geometric pool shapes and can be categorized as well-defined shapes such as squares and rectangles with straight lines and clean-cut edges. These pools are usually sharply-defined and their edges noticeable; leading to a contemporary, formal look that will suit most houses or properties. In addition, their sizes vary accordingly, and can come as small pools used for plunging or large pools suitable for laps. Although some of these pools can be on the smaller size, plenty more are still capable of incorporating a spa..

Rectangle Pools And Their Shapes

Rectangular pools is a broad term and it can encompass a confusingly large amount of pool options. However, here at The Fibreglass Pool Company, we’ve made sure to keep our range of rectangular pools concise and as easily accessible as possible, to ensure your choice is an easy one.

How A Rectangle Pool Can Benefit You

There’s a reason why the rectangular pool is one of Australia’s most popular pool shapes and that is because it’s simplicity is something worth celebrating.

Their straightforward shape means they are easier to construct, as the building area will require less digging and landscaping. The installation process will also be less hazardous and this results in a more cost-effective pool.

The next benefit will depend mostly upon your personal reason for purchasing a pool in the first place; are you looking to stay healthy and incorporate swimming into your routine daily? If so, then a rectangular pool may be the perfect choice for you. The geometric shape will allow for end-to-end laps and the depth of rectangular pools will prove particularly helpful if you plan on any diving antics. Additionally, rectangular pools can (and many do) accommodate the recent, popular trend of vanishing edges, also known as infinity pools.

Lastly, it is a matter of taste: rectangular, geometric pools add a contemporary and formal style to your home. They are also easier to style around, in terms of poolside furniture and outdoor heating, and can be suitable for smaller families.

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Freeform Pools: A Definition

Freeform pools are the polar opposite of rectangular pools. They are typically categorized by having no limit on size, shape or design of the pool. This means there are no standard or industry-set shapes to follow and the shape itself will be up to you to design. Meaning, of course, you can design to your heart’s content the pool of your dreams. As a side note, freeform pools do tend to be bigger in total size and somewhat circular. Plenty of freeform pools are designed with built-in spas.

Our Types Of Freeform Pools

Our range of freeform pools is just as expansive as our rectangular pools. However, our selection will allow you a significant level of more freedom in your choice. Some of Australia’s most popular freeform pools are:

  • Riverina
  • Barrier Reef range 
  • Sahara 
  • Kidney

The Advantages That Come With Freeform Pools

The benefits of Freeform pools are numerous but differ from those of rectangular pools in 2 distinct ways. Firstly, freeform pools are typically wider than rectangular pools and this allows for a more expansive pool surface area; meaning you will have more space to swim, children will have a large, safe space to play and ultimately you will be able to fit in more guests to your pool. Not to mention all the different kinds of pool toys and appliances you will be able to fit in as well.

Secondly, purchasing a freeform pool will allow you complete and utter freedom with the design. If you have a vision in mind for your pool that is an unconventional shape, or even a little unorthodox, then a freeform pool is the best choice for you. You can bring whatever type of atmosphere or feel that you want to your poolside area.

Freeform pools are also very handy for unconventional backyards, as their free-flowing shape can be made to fit any property or home. They can also be made to accommodate your home’s landscaping and even fit small properties, due to their unrestrictive form.

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Making Your Choice

Both rectangular and freeform pools can suit most any home. They can both bring a refreshing oasis for you and the family to relax beside, whilst also adding considerable value to your home. However, while the choice between the two may be a hard one, just remember that neither is wrong. The process of choosing your pool should be enjoyable, because here at The Fibreglass Company we have the range to offer you your dream pool. Why not have a look through our spectacular and premium range of both freeform and rectangular pools now? Your pool is waiting for you.

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