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How To Make Sure Your Home Is Suitable For A Fibreglass Pool

How To Make Sure Your Home Is Suitable For A Fibreglass Pool

How To Make Sure Your Home Is Suitable For A Fibreglass Pool

Purchasing a pool is a big step for any family. You may even have some questions that have been left unanswered. When it comes to installing your fibreglass pool, it’s absolutely critical that any questions you have are answered. Essentially, you need to make sure your home is suitable for a fibreglass pool before you take the leap and buy one. Making sure your home is suitable is also an excellent way of clarifying and refining your pool design, whilst potentially finding new ways to cut costs! So, read on and we can get to answering those questions of yours.

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Firstly, Consider Why You Want A Pool

The first step is asking yourself exactly why you want a fibreglass pool. Do you want a pool so that you can relax and unwind solo after a hard day at work? Or do you want one so the kids can learn to swim and splash on the weekend? Do you want to swim laps every day, or simply a heated swimming area to pass the winter months?

All of these answers will have a vastly different influence on future decisions (trust us, there will be plenty more) concerning the installation process and beyond. Settling on a solid reason early on will make future decisions easier to make, once you have a clear goal in mind.

Define Your Budget

Settling on a reason as to why you want a pool in the first place will also go a long way towards helping define your budget. Knowing how much you’re willing to spend on your new fibreglass pool is incredibly helpful during the purchasing process. Some pools, like lap pools and spas, are cheaper than others due to their compact size.

Knowing your budget is crucial because buying your pool is only one part of the process. The installation process might become more expensive than you think, if your property or backyard is particularly hard to dig or construct on. Additionally, installing a pool is a complicated process and unforeseen costs propping up is always a matter best kept in mind. Defining your budget will help you prepare for the worst case scenario if it comes to that.

Knowing your budget is crucial. Define it to save headache later…

Ensure Your Backyard Is Suitable

Giving your backyard (or the area in which you plan to install the pool) a serious review is a must-do in order to prepare. Does your backyard have slopes, or sandy and unstable soil? These elements will serve to drive up the cost of installation, as they will need to be modified or flat-out removed before the pool can be installed. However, if on the other hand your garden is on level ground, then installation of a fibreglass pool can be done in as little as 7 days.

Lastly, have you made sure your garden has enough space for a pool? It may sound obvious, but there are many facets to consider when it comes to pool size. The poolside area, maintenance tools, pool cleaner, pool toys, adequate viewing area, and entry/exit points all need to be taken into consideration and planned for before you should install your pool.

Decide On Your Pool’s Type

If you haven’t already, then sooner or later you’ll need to settle on the exact type of pool that you want. This can range from plunge pools and lap pools to olympic or Brampton ranges. Each type of pool is a distinct size and will have to fit into the space you’ve set aside. Important to note: most types of pools are specifically designed with a focus in mind – make sure if you want to swim laps, for example, you choose a lap pool.

Double Check It Fits Your Home’s Aesthetic

Once you’ve decided on the type of pool you’re after, then it’s important you seamlessly blend it with your house’s aesthetic. A fibreglass pool can be the finishing touch or even the dazzling centrepiece to your property. Fibreglass pools can also be a statement of contemporary style, or simply an area that invokes relaxation and fun for you. Make sure you double check the style and mood that your new pool will bring to your home and try to avoid a clashing of styles.

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Double Check The Maintenance Cost

Another facet to consider in preparing your home for a pool is the cost of maintenance. This can cost both time and money. If you lead busy lives and are home rarely, or simply cannot devote the necessary time to keeping your pool clean, then you might want to consider a smaller pool. Small fibreglass pools, like spas or plunge pools, will also cost less to install and are far quicker to clean. They are also ideal for families that do not feel the need to swim every day, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting that return on investment from your pool.

Check Your State’s Fencing Laws

Every pool in Australia will require a certain amount of fencing surrounding it, for safety and legal reasons. However, each state differs in the details of this regard. If you live in QLD, you can check yours here. It would serve you greatly to check your local fencing and pool laws to ensure everything you’ve planned stands up to scratch. Alternatively, a pool installation professional can be called out to your property to survey your home and let you know if there are any problems or if you’re ready to go.

Plan Your Poolside Area

Don’t worry, this is the fun part! Before you install your fibreglass pool, you’ll have to settle on exactly what you want around it. This process can be extremely creative and fun for you, as most Australian families on average spend more time by the pool than in it. Do you want a timber deck surrounding your pool, or a naturally forming garden for your pets to run through? The possibilities are limitless, but it’s important to remember that most of the time your space won’t be. Plan accordingly, so that you can fit your pool in your home but also have enough space to lounge around it.

Finding The Right Installer

Pools are one of the funnest things you can add to your home, but sometimes the installation process, and the decisions that need to be made beforehand, can be a little overwhelming. By answering these questions above, you can streamline your process and rest easy knowing that the biggest and most important questions concerning your fibreglass pool have been answered. However, with any pool there is always one last question: how can you find a pool installation professional that you can trust? Well, word of mouth is always the best way to go about this. The Fibreglass Pool Company has won multiple awards from SPASA and our testimonials speak to our professionalism; so why not get in contact with us today?

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