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Important Information To Consider When Choosing The Right Pool Design For Your Home

Important Information To Consider When Choosing The Right Pool Design For Your Home

When looking for a pool for your home there are few things that you should think about before you buy to ensure that the pool you choose suits your swimming needs not only today but for years to come. The best way to get maximum return for your investment is by using your pool often. Throughout this article we will share some important information that should be considered when choosing the right pool design for your home.


What will your pool be used for the most?

Everyone has different swimming needs and reasons for wanting a pool for their home. That is why it is important that you establish what you want to use your pool for primarily to work out the best style for you. Here are some of the most popular swimming pool options and who they are suited to best:

Family Pools

Most people love the look of a family pool regardless of whether they have a family and need one that big. They have unlimited uses from swimming laps, playing games and lounging about. They are great for people who have enough room in their backyard for a pool this size. If heating was something you were considering, its important to know that larger pools generally heat less efficiently than smaller sized pools and they will cost more in water and chemicals too.

Lap pools

Lap pools are an ideal option for those who are serious about their swimming or fitness in general. They are long and narrow and have an unobstructed stretch of water that has been designed for doing laps. They are usually coupled with swim jets which propel a one directional current of water towards the swimmer that acts as resistance to swim against. They are a suitable choice for people with limited room in their backyard for a pool.

Plunge pools

Plunge pools have become rather popular over the years. They allow people with small backyards the luxury of a pool whereas in the past it may not have been an option. Plunge pools have been designed with relaxation in mind rather than serious swimming. They are typically around 2 to 7 metres long by 2 to 4 metres wide which is an excellent size for people residing in homes with a courtyard or limited space for a pool in the backyard. They are efficient to heat and easy to clean and maintain.


The layout of your yard

You may have an idea of the type of pool you would like for your backyard but it is important to determine whether that style will work best given the layout of your site. Functionality and the overall aesthetics need to be considered when contemplating your pool design to ensure you get the best result. If you have a big backyard this isn’t something you will necessarily have to worry about but you still should think of how your pool will look from all angles of the backyard and from inside the house. The design of your pool should suit the style of your home to create a cohesive space and to tie the home in with the backyard. There are a number of ways your pool can be installed if you have a sloping block or atypical layout to get maximum use out of the space. For some people located on difficult sites, they may have to look at other installations alternatives to inground such as partially above ground, or above ground. You will need to allow enough room for pool fencing and it must comply with the pool fencing laws in your state or territory.

Pool budget

Before making any pool building plans, it is a good idea to sit down and figure out how much can afford to spend on a pool. Once you have determined your budget, you can narrow down your choices from there. There 3 main types of swimming pools available of the market and they include:

Vinyl liner pools

Vinyl liner pools are usually priced slightly lower than fibreglass pools however the lining is susceptible to damage when used frequently. Repairs can be costly and the ongoing expense of replacing the vinyl liner every 5 to 10 years can add up, with the average cost of liner priced at around $4000.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are usually the most expensive pool option as they are built from scratch rather than prefabricated and delivered to site. They are labour intensive and can take up to 6 months to finish. The interior surface of a concrete pool will more than likely need to be resurfaced over its lifetime and this is a substantial expense, costing around $10,000. Additionally, concrete is naturally porous which makes an ideal home for algae and bacteria to grow. They normally require more effort and money to keep them clean.

Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass pools are priced in between vinyl liner and concrete pools. They are popular as they are structurally strong and long-lasting. Fibreglass pools are virtually nonporous which makes them highly resistant to algae and they are easy to clean and look after. The only downfall is that they are premade which means you cannot customise a fibreglass pool to specific measurements.


Factor in pool maintenance

Purchasing a pool is an exciting time and sometimes pool maintenance can be an afterthought. It is something that will need to be done and it should be factored into consideration when deciding on a pool design. How much time you have to spend on maintenance, will depend on whether you choose a vinyl liner pool, concrete or fibreglass pool. Generally speaking the bigger the pool is the more chemicals and energy they will need to keep the water clean to swim in. Fibreglass pools are known for their easy and low upkeep however, if you don’t want to be responsible for your pools maintenance, you can invest in an innovative smart cleaning system which makes pool care virtually handsfree or alternatively you can always hire a professional to take care of it for you.

The look you are trying to create for your backyard

There are numerous pool styles to choose from, with the most popular shape being rectangular. Rectangle shape pools are timeless and suit virtually any style of home. When deciding on a pool design its good to consider the look you want for your entire backyard, not just the pool itself. Additional extras such as pool scaping and landscaping are to be thought out when in the design phase to ensure that the area flows and works together, if not nothing has been placed yet so you can simply swap and change it until you find a look that you are entirely happy with.
We understand deciding on the design of your pool requires careful consideration and you want to be sure you get it right the first time. If you need any help or advice regarding the perfect pool design for your home, The Fibreglass Pool Company can help. Our team are pool experts and can offer friendly advice on which styles may be best suited to your home. Get in touch today to discuss your options.

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