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What Colours Can Fibreglass Pools Be?

What Colours Can Fibreglass Pools Be?

Until a few years ago, concrete was the construction material of choice when it came to in-ground swimming pools. However, the times are changing and even though concrete still edges out all other popular construction materials for in-ground pools, fiberglass is not too far behind. While critics continue to point out how fiberglass is not very customization-friendly, the fact is that after considering every factor that determines the longevity and safety of a swimming pool, fiberglass clearly stands way ahead of concrete and vinyl liners.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what colour options you can pick from when finalizing the purchase of a fiberglass pool, but first, let’s talk about why investing in fibreglass pools is such a great idea!


Fiberglass pools: The pros

Easy Installation

One of the most common complaints with regards to the installation of concrete pools is that it takes ages for a concrete swimming pool to be set up. Depending on the size and the shape of the pool to be constructed, concrete pool installation can take months, which isn’t really an impatient person’s cup of tea.

However, fiberglass pool installations are completed within days and this is down to the fact that a fiberglass pool is delivered to the installation site in its finished state, resulting in rapid installation so that you and your family can start using it without having to wait for even a week.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining concrete pools is a costly proposition, but it’s one that owners have to contend with. While concrete pools are very durable, they, unfortunately, become breeding grounds for variou microorganisms, and keeping them clean requires herculean effort, particularly if you don’t invest in automated/robotic cleaning systems. Acid washing may also be required every few years for concrete pools.

On the other hand, fiberglass pools, due to their rounded corners and smooth finish, are incredibly easy to clean. Maintaining their safety doesn’t require investing in automated pool cleaning systems and you can clean them without needing any sort of professional help.

Compatible With Salt Chlorine Generators

Chlorine is a chemical that plays a vital role in keeping swimming pools safe by preventing the growth of various harmful germs. Every time you use the pool, the chlorine level in the water goes down and the combined chlorine (nitrogen from body oils and sweat mixed with chlorine) levels go up.

To maintain the right chlorine balance, many pool owners are now investing in salt chlorine generators. Unfortunately, using these generators in concrete and vinyl liner pools is not a good idea, as the salt ends up corroding their surfaces, leading to greater maintenance costs. However, salt has no effect on fiberglass, which is why fiberglass pool owners can maintain chlorine levels easily by installing salt chlorine generators.

Nowadays, ‘smart’ chlorine dispensers are available as well, which can be controlled remotely via mobile devices. These dispensers detect chlorine levels in the pool water automatically and can be scheduled to dispense required amounts of chlorine to always maintain proper levels of the chemical.


Choosing The Right Colour

The colours of fiberglass swimming pools can be broadly categorized into light and dark colours and in this section, we’ll talk about how your choice of pool colour can impact the look and feel of your pool in relation to its surroundings. So, let’s get started!

Light Pool Colours

Light pool colours are ideal for fiberglass pools that are going to be surrounded by a lot of dark-coloured elements such as sandstone with orange, brown, and red earth tones, dark wooden decking, and travertine with caramel and chocolate tones. Fiberglass pool owners who opt for light colours typically try to emulate a beach or oasis type of environment in their backyards.

If you happen to live in a place that remains warm throughout the year with very hot summers, it’s best to go for light-coloured fiberglass pools, as lighter colours tend to reflect the sun’s rays more than the darker shades. As a result, you can expect the pool water to stay cooler. However, due to the high rate of reflection of the sun’s rays, expect some glare as well. Get water-resistant spectacles for protecting your eyes and wear them if you plan to use the pool on a clear and sunny day.

Light pool colours are also ideal if you’re planning to use your pool space for gatherings and parties to be held during the evening. Light fiberglass pool colours can help the pool’s LED lighting to come to the fore and make it look like the centerpiece of any event.

On the downside, lighter pool colours tend to make fiberglass pool floors and walls more visible, no matter how deep the pool is. So if there are dirt and debris in the water, people will be able to see them. As a result, you have to put more effort into cleaning fiberglass pools that feature light colours.

If you can’t spare time for carrying out the pool cleaning yourself, you can always reach out to pool maintenance professionals or invest in a robotic/automated pool cleaner so that dirt and debris are not visible. Keep in mind, however, that these would require you to spend extra money.

Dark Pool Colours

Dark pool colours can work wonders for your fiberglass pool as well, but you need to have just the right amount of contrast between the pool and its surrounding area for them to really make a mark. Ideally, dark-coloured fiberglass pools are best surrounded by lighter elements such as travertine with beige and cream tones, ivory or natural sandstone, and light wooden decking.

Dark colours are recommended for fiberglass pools in places with cool climates, as they absorb the sun’s rays and can increase the pool water’s temperature by at least 2 – 3 degrees depending on their intensity. Due to their natural heating capacity, a lot of people living in moderate climates choose dark colours so that they don’t have to incur additional expenses on a heating system and its energy consumption.

Compared to lighter colours, dark colours also help in keeping the floor and walls of fiberglass pools away from view, which means that if there is some dirt and debris buildup towards the bottom of a pool, they won’t be visible. However, dark colours are not ideal if you want the LED lighting system to be pronounced. Ultimately, the colour of the fiberglass pool you choose shouldn’t just be about visual appeal. It should be a combination of both visual appeal and comfort.

For example, if you live in a hot and humid environment and choose a dark pool colour just to make the pool look nice during the daytime and showoff its LED lighting system during the evening, you’d be making a big mistake. As dark colours absorb a lot of heat generated by the sun’s rays, you’d have to bear with a high pool water temperature; not what you want living in a place that’s already quite warm, right? For the best advice and suggestions regarding the fiberglass pool colour to choose for striking the right balance between your comfort and visual appeal, get in touch with reputed pool installation and maintenance professionals near you.

Thanks to their many years of experience, they can listen to your requirements and then suggest options that can deliver an ideal mix of what you need and what you want.


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