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Top Quality Fibreglass Pools Built By The Fibreglass Pool Company

Top Quality Fibreglass Pools Built By The Fibreglass Pool Company

Deciding which pool company to hire to design and build your pool can be the difference between a pool that lasts a lifetime or one that gives you constant headaches. With so many pool builders and companies out there how do you know which ones will do a quality job and produce the pool of your dreams?


When investing a decent amount of money into anything it pays to do a bit of research. It is essential that the pool builder you hire is reputable and has extensive experience within the pool industry. Ensure that they are good communicators and listen to what you have to say, it’s your pool and you have to live with it, so it’s important that they work with you and have a clear understanding of your pool vision.

The simplest way to check if a company is who they say they are is by doing a quick internet search. This will reveal their customer reviews which can give you an idea of whether they are dependable or not. This is what you can expect when building a pool with The Fibreglass Pool Company.

Exceptional workmanship and customer service

The Fibreglass Pool Company have been improving Queenslander’s backyards and lifestyles with beautiful fibreglass pools for the last 30 years. It has always been our goal to provide exceptional customer service and to build pools that surpass each of our customers’ expectations. We believe this approach to business has contributed to our success. Over the years our company has grown, and we are now one of Australia’s leading fibreglass pool companies.

Our fibreglass pools are manufactured to the highest national and worldwide safety standards and our pool building team is made up of highly skilled, qualified, insured, and licenced professionals. We endeavour to make the pool installation process stress free by taking care of every aspect of the pool build for you. We install pools on a daily basis and know exactly what paperwork needs to be submitted and the logistics involved with installing a pool. You can have peace of mind knowing you are only dealing with some of the best pool experts in the country.

Proud member of SPASA

The Fibreglass Pool Company are dedicated to completing pool installs to the highest building and structural standard. We adhere to a strict code of ethics and our workmanship is second to none. This has earnt us the title of a SPASA (Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia) member. SPASA acknowledges pool traders for their reputation, experience, and professionalism.

We manufacture our pools and install them

The Fibreglass Pool Company are industry leaders when it comes to manufacturing fibreglass pools. We build our own pools in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Two are located here in Australia with the third in the USA. Our fibreglass shells are made by hand using the highest-grade fibreglass in a climate-controlled environment. Our shell production plants have ERA and EPA licences and they are continuously regulated and monitored by authorities.

Unlike other pool companies we manufacture our own pool shells rather than buying them from someone else. We know exactly how they are made, how strong and durable they are and know that they are built to a superior standard. This eliminates uncertainty with the quality of the shell and ensures you get the best price when buying directly. Sometimes when pool builders outsource their shells, they may not be across all of the pros and cons that come with it.

Installing a pool is a momentous occasion and one that should bring about a lot of excitement not headaches. The last thing you want is to hire someone who isn’t up to standard and does a poor job of building your pool. After all a pool is a significant investment and is not exactly easy to fix if something goes wrong.

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority here at The Fibreglass Pool Company and we make sure that you’re included in the pool building process from the get-go. We listen to your pool design ideas and offer feedback on areas or features that may improve or benefit the layout of your backyard and the pool design you choose. Our skilled team aims to provide you with a pool that meets all of your expectations and is both highly functional and gives you the best results from an aesthetic point of view. As our shells are made by us, we have control of the innovative features that are included with our pools. We are continuously evolving as a business and committed to providing our customers with the most innovative, superior quality pool that money can buy.

We are constantly developing our series with our focus being on safety, design, and minimising maintenance. When your pool is being installed, our pool specialists will ensure that your pool is built to highest safety and engineering standards and your pool fencing is compliant upon completion.


The quality of our pool shells is unrivalled

Our company is dedicated to producing the highest quality pools on the market. We are proudly one of only two fibreglass pool manufacturing businesses in the country with the SAI Global 5 Tick Certified Product Certification. Our pools are handcrafted using only the best materials and surpass the worldwide standard for thickness. All of our pools undergo a strict 8 stage quality control check before leaving the site. They are made with 7 layers of anti-microbial and fade resistant construction. The layers include:

1. Advanced colour technology gel coat

2. Anti-corrosion layer

3. Chemical resistant layer

4. Kevlar layer

5. Structural layer

6. Reinforcement layer

7. Outer seal coat

Our luxury and timeless designs have seen us receive 124 awards from SPASA in a 11-year period. All our pools come with a lifetime structural, internal, osmosis and paving guarantee.

Exceptional customer service

When building a pool with The Fibreglass Pool Company you can rely on us to have an open line of communication and an upfront front and honest approach from the start. You will be heard and listened to from the initial meeting right through to handover. We work in conjunction with you to create a pool that is personalised to suit your home and lifestyle needs perfectly. Every single aspect of your pool will be thoroughly inspected by us prior to handover to ensure it meets our high quality and construction standards. We will check in with you to ensure that you are entirely happy with your pool.

We understand that choosing a pool builder isn’t a decision that comes lightly or without careful thought, that’s why we work hard to ensure that each of our customers has a positive pool building experience with us and we are continually looks for new ways to exceed the worldwide standard of pool manufacturing to set us apart from our competitors. We know first hand how much a swimming pool can enhance a person’s lifestyle and we would love to help you build the pool you’ve always dreamed of. If you have any questions or require additional information, get in touch with our friendly team at The Fibreglass Pool Company today, we’d love to hear from you.

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