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Why Are Rectangular Pools Always A Favourite For Every Household?

Why Are Rectangular Pools Always A Favourite For Every Household?

Rectangular pools have been the classic choice for pool design for decades now. Modern pool designs include a myriad of styles ranging from rounded pool shapes to L-shaped pool designs. Despite this, rectangular pools have continued to remain popular through the ages.

Have you ever wondered why your local municipality pools uses a rectangular pool design? Rectangular pools are also the standard shape of choice for the Olympics. The reason behind this is that rectangular pools offer more than just an aesthetically pleasing appearance that’s easy to install into your backyard. They are better for swimming in, easier to install a fence around, and give you a plethora of options when it comes to landscape designing the area around your pool in your backyard.

Their practicality and usefulness has made the rectangular pool design the industry standard, and by far the most common pool shape chosen by families through the years.


1. The Perfect Shape For Swimmers

Swimming offers various health benefits. From toning the muscles in your body to relaxing your mind, swimming laps around a pool can alleviate stress and even promote cardiovascular health.

But not all pool shapes are perfectly ideal for swimming around in, save the rectangular pool design. When you’re swimming laps in a rectangular pool, you instinctively know the direction you need to swim in to reach the other end. Rectangular walls also make taking turns and reversing your direction in the pool easier. When you’re ready to make a turn towards your starting position, you can comfortably switch your direction with the help of a wall that’s perpendicular to the path you’re swimming.

A backyard swimming pool provides the perfect opportunity to promote your health and wellness. From swimming laps to practicing your strokes, a rectangular pool is ideally suited to boosting the health benefits that swimming provides.

2. Installation And Safety

When you’re thinking about the perfect pool shape for your backyard, you should consider how easy the installation process will be. Even a fibreglass pool, that comes as a ready to install product, rectangular pools will be cheaper on your budget. The reason behind this is that the dig specs for rectangular fibreglass pools are easier for manufacturers to produce. More complicated designs can be more expensive as well.

At the same time, you also need to consider the Australian Standard 1926, that was conceptualized with the intention of promoting pool safety for all users. According to the rules, your pool should be fenced on all sides. This makes it more difficult for children or even your pets to stray into the fall, or accidentally fall into the pool.

Even automatic pool covers are a perfect match for rectangular pools. A pool cover is necessary for backyard pools. They provide protection again dust, debris, and other foreign contaminants that can enter your pool and increase maintenance related costs. Automatic pool covers have grown in popularity as they offer ease of maintenance. They also happen to be perfectly compatible with rectangular pools.

If you’re looking for a pool shape that increases safety and provides a practical design, then a rectangular pool is the way to go.

3. Ideal for Relaxing In And Around

Aside from improving your physical health by swimming in your pool, you can also improve your mental health right in your backyard. Interacting with water has been proven to induce mental wellness and reduce anxiety and stress.

It’s also easier to place various pool accessories and backyard furniture around a rectangular pool. So if you don’t want to swim, you can still enjoy sitting around your pool, soaking in the rays of the Sun.

4. Safe For The Family

People who are considering looking for the perfect swimming pool for their family need to consider one primary thing – safety. If you have children in your home, then ensuring that they can comfortably enjoy swimming around in a pool without the danger of drowning in crucial.

Rectangular pools don’t have any hidden corners where your children can swim to, away from your eyes. This means your children will always be visible to you, anytime they’re in the pool.

With a rectangular pool, your family can enjoy the benefit of ample pool space alongside enhanced safety.

5. Match Your Home's Aesthetic

Modern homes are designed as rectilinear. Residential properties are also mainly divided into more or less rectangular pieces. With these standard property shapes and designs, a residential pool is the perfect match for visual appeal.

The design of your pool should match the design of your home to create the best aesthetic. A rectangular pool is most likely to provide a well cared for and maintained appearance for your overall property.

This has an additional advantage if you ever decide to sell your home. The coordinated look of your home and your pool will increase your home’s value and net you a higher selling price for your property.

And it doesn’t really matter what style your home is, since rectangular pools go well with various architectural styles.

6. Landscaping and Your Backyard

When you’re adding a swimming pool to your backyard, you probably won’t stop at just the pool. The ideal backyard swimming pool comes complete with various accessories and landscaping that let you customize your backyard to create your ideal space.

The pool accessories and landscape design that you settle on will have a say when it comes to building a functional and appealing space for your pool.

The location where you choose to install your swimming pool is necessary as well. It should be placed in a way where it looks appealing both from inside your home, as well as from the outside. Your backyard should be designed in a way where it makes you want to spend time in and around your swimming pool.

A rectangular pool makes is easier for you to utilize the space surrounding it. From adding chairs to umbrellas, plants, and even games and toys, a rectangular pool looks good with most kinds of landscaping ideas.

7. Ideal For Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are an extremely popular trend among modern swimming pool owners. They offer a luxurious finish with their disappearing edges that make it look like the water from the pool is falling off the sides.

Infinity pools are great spaces where you can enjoy the beauty around, and they appear to naturally be a part of the surrounding. The clean lines and straight design of a rectangular swimming pool make the perfectly compatible with infinity pools.

Rectangular pools are also easier to keep clean and maintain, making them wise investments for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time or money in cleaning their pools. With greater functionality, an appealing design, and various health benefits that rectangular pools offer to swimmers, it’s no wonder that they’ve retained their popularity.

If you’re considering installing a swimming pool that provides various benefits, and can enable you to develop your swimming skills at the same time, a rectangular shaped pool will be ideal. From being more budget-friendly to keeping your family safe, a rectangular swimming pool is an iconic design that’s bound to stay popular for years to come.

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