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What Colours Can Fibreglass Pools Be?

What Colours Can Fibreglass Pools Be?

Establishing the look you are trying to achieve, when deciding on a swimming pool for your home is a good idea! Ask yourself ‘What do I want my backyard to look like?’.

You could flick through the pages of some home magazines, you could get yourself an ‘inspo’ board on Pintrest, and even have a peek over the neighbours fences to see if you like their pool! Are you imagining a laid back tropical oasis with lush foliage nearby? Or perhaps you enjoy more of a contemporary style? With the pool area having sleek straight lines and minimal greenery? Selecting your swimming pool colour comes down to personal taste, however there are a number of things you need to consider when choosing your new fibreglass swimming pool. 

See our guide on what you must know before buying your pool!

Stick with the classic? 

The most popular colour of pools is still blue! But what shade of blue would you choose? A light blue, a mid blue or a dark blue? Pool colour trends do change each season, however a lot of people still choose to have the ‘safe’ colour blue, because something so good never goes out of fashion- like blue jeans! The tan, black, white and grey shades are climbing in popularity, as the contemporary styles shift and the modernisation of homes incorporates more of the external entertaining areas into the whole layout of the home. 

Uncontrollable elements: 

The overall look and colour of your fibreglass pool can appear very different depending upon many elements. These include reflections from the colour of the sky, how deep the pool water is, the weather, the time of day, the height and colour of the landscaping around the pool, the viewing angle from where you are looking at the pool, the pool lighting in the water, as well as around, the colour and material of the deck, the pool surrounds and even the height, colour and width of the buildings around your pool. You can get a general idea of what the colour of the fibreglass will look like with water on top of it, by referring to our website. From crystal clear water with our ‘alpine white’ fibreglass pool, to a relaxing sun-kissed beach style of the ‘sandstone shimmer’. It is very interesting how the fibreglass differs under the water.

Find out what pool colours are the best for each Season!

Also, something to keep in mind, that a lighter pool colour will draw your eye to the bottom of the swimming pool and you may be more inclined to notice settled debris. Whereas a darker pool colour will reflect the pool surrounds and create a mirror-like effect. You won’t be as likely to notice any settled debris, leaves, dirt or bugs at the bottom of the swimming pool. A lighter pool colour will reflect the sun rays and you may achieve a cooler pool. Which if you are looking for a refreshing dip in your warmer climate, would be ideal.- But there is also a high potential for glare- so get the sunnies out! Whereas a darker pool colour will attract and absorb the sunrays. A darker pool colour may increase your pool water temperature by 2 to 3 degrees.


The tone of your pool surrounds should be in contrast to your pool colour. If you choose a light pool colour, consider darker pool surroundings like dark wooden decking, bluestone, dark granite, sandstone (with red, brown and orange/earthy tones), dark bricks, slate or limestone. However, if you choose a dark pool colour, consider lighter pool surrounds including light wooden decking, light granite, natural or ivory sandstone, light bricks, slate or limestone. 

Lifelong choices: 

The colour of your fibreglass swimming pool cannot be changed once the pool has been installed. Unless of course you replace it altogether. Which is not a clever choice, financially. So you should choose a colour for your swimming pool that is not going to look outdated, or won’t match in with the external surrounds of the pool. Keep in mind any potential renovations that you might want to do in the future that could jeopardise the colour choice and potentially clash. You want to ensure that your pool does not detract from the appeal of your home down the track. 

Size of your pool: 

If you have a smaller swimming pool you may want to pick a lighter colour, like ‘alpine white’ or ‘sandstone shimmer’. Lighter colours will give an illusion of space. This will make your fibreglass pool look bigger. If you want to create a reflection pool look you may want to go in for darker shades. Midnight Shimmer is our darkest blue colour. Perfect for small pools and spas. The base is black with light grey and white speckles. It transforms into a dark navy when water is put into the pool, to create a deep and tranquil experience for your backyard. 

Advanced Colour Technology: 

Barrier Reef Pools use Advanced Colour Technology that is fade, weather and chemical resistant. All of our range comes with a lifetime internal surface guarantee! The Advanced Colour Technology is an innovative Gelcoat and Resin technology that can be found in products such as cars, planes, boats, bridges and now in our very own world-class pools to ensure superior interior surface performance. At Fibreglass Pool company we include our Advanced Pool Colour Technology standard with all pool packages ensuring all our customers get the best pool finish available. 

Ask our team: 

We have an expansive range of pools in a variety of colours and we are confident we can find the perfect colour combination to accommodate your personal preferences and to suit your home. Our team is highly skilled and can offer helpful advice regarding which pool colour is right for you. If you require further information about our colour range, give us a call, we are more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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