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Is My Backyard Suited for a Swimming Pool?

Is My Backyard Suited for a Swimming Pool?

Figuring out whether your backyard is suited for a swimming pool is generally one of the first things that comes to mind when considering a pool. Ideally, everyone would have a backyard with plenty of flat ground and easy access however, we realise this isn’t reality and backyards come in all different shapes and sizes. Luckily, fibreglass pools have been designed to suit virtually any yard. Here are some things to take into consideration when deciding on a pool for your place.


What factors determine the suitability of a pool for a backyard?

If you are dreaming of a swimming pool for your home but you’re not sure if you can have one in your type of backyard, the good news is, fibreglass pools can accommodate virtually any site.

How much room in your backyard can you sacrifice for a pool?

If you have a small backyard like a courtyard, you are limited on how big your pool can be. Although, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a stunning swimming pool at your home, it will just be a smaller version. If you have a large backyard, your pool options are endless you just need to decide whether you want the pool to take up a big portion of the backyard or allow enough space for grass and other aspects. Lap pools are great for long narrow yards and spas make the perfect addition in the tiniest of spaces. If you have limited room to work with, you can create an illusion of space by positioning the pool close to the house or to run parallel against an existing fence line. Here are some fantastic tips on how you can fit a small fibreglass pool in your backyard!

Access to the backyard

A flat site with good access is obviously ideal as it makes a pool installation relatively quick and simple and reduces the amount of time and money required to put it in. However, we understand that every backyard is different, and this isn’t the case for a lot of people. You might be wondering what we deem as good access? Good access for us is having enough space to drive a vehicle to the exact location you want your pool. If you are building a house and want to add a pool, it’s a good idea to build the pool first, this will reduce construction costs drastically.

If you don’t have good access to your backyard, worry not, our highly skilled team is sure to find an adequate solution to getting the pool in. It might just require different machinery and more time to get it installed. When a house is already established or there is limited access, we generally use a crane to lift it over the house and into place. If your yard has extremely limited access and we can’t get anywhere near where the pool is to be positioned, we will use a larger crane, this is typically costly, although it is very rare that we have to do this.

Another factor that can affect the duration and cost involved with installing your pool is if there is a lot of rock in your ground. It’s difficult to know if there is before we start to dig. Rock typically isn’t a problem if we are able to get a bigger excavator into the yard, but if we can only get a small one in there due to access limitations it might take longer to dig the hole for your pool. There’s not much that is off limits in terms of access and an experienced pool builder should be able to find an adequate solution to install your pool. Typically, the less time it takes to install the pool, the less it will cost.


The layout of the site

The layout of your yard can affect how your pool is installed. Advances in technology allow fibreglass pools to be installed in practically any site whilst still maintaining their strength and durability. Depending on the condition or slope of your backyard, your pool may be better suited to be installed above ground or partially above ground to achieve the best aesthetic results. A pool that is installed on a sloping block can create a stunning focal point for the home. A patio or decking is usually placed around the pool which a great way to create a cohesive space between the outdoor area and the pool area. If you can, it is always a good idea to avoid the steepest part of the yard when installing a swimming pool. This will reduce the amount of time that it takes to excavate the ground which will save you money.

One of the most important things to take into consideration when building a pool is the drainage. Adequate drainage is vital for all types of swimming pools and more so for ones that are constructed on a slope. If you experience a heavy downpour of rain that is set in, the last thing you want is for your slope to erode and compromise the foundations of the pool. Drainage needs to be put in place and directed away from the home to prevent water running towards it. The overall cost of installing a swimming pool on a sloping block is highly dependent on whether you have good access, the quality of the soil and how steep the block is. Your licenced pool builder will have many years’ experience assessing sites and will be able to give you an accurate quote based on the condition of your backyard.

The location of your pool

If space allows, you should place your pool in a north facing position so that it gets sunlight on it during the day. This can warm your pool water by around 4 degrees.

Utilities and council permits

Before construction of your pool can begin it is important to ensure the pool isn’t being placed near storm drains, sewers, power, or gas pipes as they can be expensive to repair if they get damaged. You will also need permits from council to install your pool. Your pool builder should take care of all the necessary paperwork required and lodge it on your behalf

Your pool equipment

You will have to consider your pools equipment and whether you have the room for it. It should be located near the pool and on a flat surface to avoid placing added pressure on the pump.

Hire a pool builder that has extensive experience installing pools in varied sites

Things such as access to your property, the condition of the ground and whether your backyard is sloping or not can all affect the time and costs associated with installing a pool at your home. It’s a smart choice to go with a pool builder that is highly experienced in building pools on difficult sites to ensure you get the absolute best result both structurally and aesthetically.

As mentioned, there are many variables that can affect the suitability of a pool for your backyard. We can build a pool to accommodate virtually any site and have many years’ experience fitting and installing fibreglass pools in an array of backyards. To organise your free onsite quote, give our friendly team here at The Fibreglass Pool Company a call today.

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