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How To Prepare Your Pool For The Storm Season

How To Prepare Your Pool For The Storm Season

In this blog, we cover some helpful tips and tricks to prepare your fibreglass pool for the storm season.

You’ve been monitoring the weather app regularly. A storm is around the corner. If a hurricane or bad storm is about to wreak havoc, you know you need to make your house safe to survive until things settle down. You may even have to evacuate your home if things look too bad. The priority is saving your life and keeping your loved ones secure. Worrying about your fibreglass pool, pool deck area, or the rest of your backyard is the last thing you need on your mind during such a crisis. This is only possible if you plan well in advance to protect your fibreglass pool and property from the wrath of Mother Nature.

Ditch The Pool Cover

We know the first thought that may enter your mind to protect your fibreglass pool from the wrath of a hurricane may be to safeguard it with a pool cover. At the risk of sounding counterintuitive, we can assure you that’s not the ideal thing to do. When a storm hits, high winds usually accompany it. These crazy winds can cause an insane amount of destruction to whatever comes in its path. The debris from the nearby trees can likely get caught up in the whirlwind and smash down on your pool cover. Big branches and small twigs can compromise your pool cover as they hit it with a strong force. Not to forget, high winds can even dislodge or rip the pool cover off the pool.

Don't Drain the Pool

When there’s a hurricane, there can be a heavy downpour causing floods in your area. It’s natural to imagine a scenario where your pool water is overflowing into your garden area and causing massive destruction. This might tempt you to empty your fibreglass pool so that it doesn’t flood your property. However, emptying your pool is not recommended as it runs a risk of ‘popping’ or ‘floating’ out of the ground. The pressure in the groundwater can cause the bottom to dislodge, so it’s best to not let the water level go past the skimmer level. If you have a submersible pump or a pool vacuum, consider lowering the water level by not more than 1 to 2 feet.

Kill the Power

It’s critical to think about keeping your pool equipment, pool pump and other electrical systems safe when the storm hits. Your pool pump and motor are prone to maximum damage due to high-intensity winds and exposure to torrential rains. It is advisable to turn off the power to your circuit breaker that connects all your pool equipment. If it is likely enough to cause a flood-like situation, it’s best to unplug the pool filter system and pump. Remember to store all the pool equipment in a high and dry place. If possible, make a sandbag barricade around the equipment as an added layer of protection against the hurricane.

Balance Your Water Chemistry

It is expected that debris will fall into your pool when the storm approaches. Everything from leaves, insects and dead bugs to large twigs and branches can make way into your pool water due to the heavy winds. Plus, the rainwater will get mixed with your pool water and disturb its chemistry. This can provide a very conducive environment for the algae and bacteria to start growing. To prevent such contamination, we suggest you add a large dose of algaecide before the storm hits. Even though the pool water will still have to endure the effects of the hurricane, the cleaning up session will be less cumbersome.

Remove Your Pool Deck Furniture

If you have a lot of furniture and loose items around your pool area, you need to place them inside in a safe space before the storm hits. Loose objects such as patio furniture, umbrellas, canvas awnings, telescopic poles and other such pool accessories can turn into projectile missiles in high winds. If they get carried away with the wind, they can severely damage your property. Plus, after the storm subsides, you may have to go on a scavenger hunt to locate the missing objects. Prevent this situation from arising by being proactive. If the furniture is too heavy to be moved, use ropes or chains to anchor them to something solid so they don’t get carried away. Avoid putting any furniture inside the pool as it can damage its interior finish.

Prune Branches of Trees

It’s a good practice to trim the overgrowing branches of trees and shrubs throughout the year that form a part of your pool’s landscape. It becomes more important when a storm is about to spell danger for your pool and property. Look out for any branches that can easily break away from the tree and fall into your pool or damage your property. Tree limbs are known to tear the pool lining, contaminate the pool water and even cause scratches on the pool cover. Prune them to an acceptable length, especially the ones that are closest to your walls and windows. This will also prevent giving access to squirrels and rodents inside your house. Be proactive and don’t wait for a catastrophe to strike to damage-control later.

Looking to Gear Up for the Storm Season?

We are one of the leading pool specialists across Australia with years of experience in installing pools in Australian homes. Our pool designers are highly trained and possess the expertise to keep your pool in top shape. Whether it is regular upkeep you need help with or to prepare for the storm season, we can take the worry off your shoulders.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any pool-related queries or, if you are looking to upgrade your pool, give us a call. We would love to help you choose from our latest catalogue of pool models that best fit your lifestyle needs and budget.

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