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Cloudy Pool Water – What Are The Causes? And How Do I Treat It?

Cloudy Pool Water – What Are The Causes? And How Do I Treat It?

We all want our pool water to be clear and clean. If you suddenly notice that overnight your pool water has become cloudy, what do you do and what are the causes? It pays to understand why the otherwise clean pool water has turned cloud now. Only then can you find a solution. There are a number of reasons why this happens though the three main reasons are problems with the pool filter, the environment, and chemicals in the pool water.



Is It The Pool Filter?

The filter in your pool is designed to clean the water continuously. If you are not using a pool filter, it could lead to stagnation in the pool water and that would turn the water into a cloudy color. Mostly, cloudy water occurs when there is a problem with your pool filter.

Is It The Environment?

The other main reason is the environment. Whatever surrounds your pool can cause the water in your pool to turn a cloudy color. It could be birds or the weather or some construction work happening in the vicinity of the pool. Or it could be the trees and plants- all these things can become a cause for cloudy water. Pool algae as well as even human beings and even the sun can turn the water in your pool into a cloudy mess.

Too Many Chemicals?

Finally, if there are too many chemicals in your water, it can turn the water into a cloudy color. When pH levels are high and when there is too much alkalinity in the water or too much chlorine, your pool water will become cloudy. The good news is you can get rid of the cloudiness by running your pool filter. If that does not solve the problem then you can test the water and then find a solution.

Too Much Ammonia Or Algae?

Another possible reason for cloudy water is that there is too much ammonia or algae in the water. This happens mostly when summer is starting and when you open the pool after it was closed for the winter. Therefore, you need to remove the ammonia in the pool to get rid of the cloudy water.

Chemical Imbalance?

An imbalance in the chemicals in your pool water can also turn the pool water into a cloudy color. A filter that is not working properly is another reason as aredebris and mineral deposits in the water. You can tell there is an imbalance of chemicals in your pool water. All you need to do is use a test kit to determine exactly how much of each chemical is to be added to get the right balance.


What Steps Do I Need To Take To Clear Cloudy Water In My Pool?

The first thing you need to understand about cloudy pool water is that it is mostly caused by low levels of free chlorine in the water. Low levels of chlorine in the water will turn the water into a cloudy color. So, start by measuring the amount of free or combined chlorine in the pool water.

Cloudy pool water is mostly caused by low levels of free chlorine in the water

Finding The Solution

Fortunately, it does not take a lot to get rid of the cloudy water in your pool. After investigating the cause of the problem, you need to find a solution to fix that problem. Mostly, you will need to first check the pool filter. You should also consider things like the last time you cleaned the cartridge in the filter. Other than that, you need to consider whether you recently put some flocculants or clarifiers in the pool water. You should also check how old your cartridge filter is and replace it if it is too old.

How To Deal With Sand Filters?

In case you are using a sand filter, then you need to check when last you washed the sand filter. You also need to check the last time you changed the sand or media in the filter. Also, consider the rate at which pool water moves. Ideally, this should happen fast enough to prevent the buildup of contaminants. Backwashing (cleaning the filter) helps to remove the contaminants in the filter.

Get The Chlorination Right

Second, you require the right kind of chlorination. Chlorine can help to clear the pool water, and it also does not allow algae to grow in the water. A good pool water clarifier is really a good and effective way to fix the problem. It will gather all the small particles causing cloudiness to build up in the water and will create larger particles that can easily be picked up by the filter.


The third solution is to make use of a chemical called flocculant. This is a good way of getting rid of cloudy water in a hurry. However, do not use a flocculant if your pool filter has a cartridge as the paper pleats will easily become clogged and useless. Otherwise, you can use the flocculant and clean the pool overnight. They do this by getting all the particles together and sending them to the floor of the pool, and then you can simply vacuum them with the help of a pool pump. Be sure to set the filter in the vacuum cleaner to waste or backwash. Do this only if you are using a sand filter.

Vacuum Cleaner

Finally, you can use a regular vacuum cleaner to clean out the cloudiness in the pool water. To remove the cloudiness with a vacuum cleaner, you need the vacuum cleaner to be centered on the floor of the pool. You also need to turn the vacuum cleaner on its head. It will now start pulling the water from the bottom of the pool and will send clean water to the top of the pool.


Which Method Is The Best?

The best solution to removing cloudy water is to first check the filter. Other than that, it also helps to use a high-quality filtration system. Next, you must regularly clean the system to ensure it is performing as per specifications. The filter should be clean and it should also be working properly.

Are Clarifiers Effective?

The good news is that pool, as well as spa water clarifiers, are effective. It all depends on what kind of clarifiers you are using. In any case, they will first dissolve the contaminants, and then they will also bond the particles into larger compounds that can easily be removed by your filter.

How Difficult Is It To Keep The Water In Your Pool Clean?

Fortunately, you do not have to put up with cloudy pool water because you can easily prevent the water from turning cloudy. The more preventive steps you take, the easier it is to prevent cloudy water in the pool.

The more preventive steps you take, the easier it is to prevent cloudy water in the pool

How To Keep Your Pool Clean?

It is always a good idea to take steps to keep your pool water clean. Of course, to find a way of keeping the water in your pool safe, you need to do some research and depend on using the right methods. You may want to take classes on the subject of keeping pool water clean.

The bottom line is there are several causes why your pool water has turned a cloudy colour. The rain brings dirt and mud and contaminants that can change the colour of your pool water. The presence of particles in the pool can also be a cause. Remember that it is not safe to swim in a pool that has cloudy water. Also, do not use baking soda to clean the cloudy water because it will increase pH levels in the pool water and that could cause the water to turn cloudy. Cloudy water pool is unclean and can cause various illnesses if you do decide to swim in such water. Cloudy water indicates that there is too much dirt and other contaminants in the water. So, be sure to clean the water before taking a dip in the pool. Speak to one of our pool experts here.

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