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A Complete Guide To Slimline Pools

A Complete Guide To Slimline Pools

Slimline pools are family pools and offer all the convenience as the other pool options, but it is just that they are smaller. If you have a small backyard but love to own a swimming pool that supports your swimming exercises, a slimline pool will obviously be the right choice. These pools are slimmer and perfect for homeowners that are more concerned about fitness.

Slimline pools are larger than plunge pools but smaller than the standard pools. Since they come with extended lengths and shorter widths, you can practice laps very conveniently. These pools are a great choice for your family too since they offer enough space for multiple people to swim, play and relax at a time.


Slimline Pools Can Enhance The Curb Appeal Of Your Property

Slimline pools look stunning. They can be a great addition to your property and enhance its value considerably. So, do not think twice. If you have a narrow space but still want to own a family pool, go ahead and start looking for the best slimline pool manufacturer. You can consider buying a fibreglass slimline pool. The material is non-slippery and assures utmost safety for your children and aged adults.

Low On Maintenance

Slimline pools, being smaller, are easy to clean and maintain. Further, they can be heated in minimal time, saving you a lot on energy bills.

Great For Entertainment

You can host weekend parties and entertain your guests by the slimline pool. These pools can accommodate quite a number. They can make the day for your small group of friends or relatives.

Slimline Pool With Safety Features

If you make up your mind to buy a slimline pool, look for a fibreglass pool that comes with added safety features. Choosing a top-quality pool with safety steps, smooth edges, and varying depths can put your mind at ease. Your children can safely swim and play in such a fibreglass slimline pool, not requiring you to keep a watch over them every second.

What Are The Available Sizes?

Slimline pools come in a rectangular shape. The smallest pool in this range will measure 4.2 meters in width and 10.5 meters in length. They are, however, available in a wide range of sizes; you can choose a pool that aligns with your space. You can elevate the safety by opting for a safety ledge around the pool. This makes way for easy and secure access. Whatever size you choose, you can be sure of having enough space to accommodate you and your family.

Practice laps or simply laze around, soothing your body and mind. You will be glad you chose a slimline family pool.

Manufacturing And Installation

Fibreglass slimline family pools are made in a factory using moulds. These pools are highly durable and come with exceptional tactile strength. Once you choose a fibreglass slimline pool and your pool builder is ready with all the required permissions, it can be installed in no time. That’s right. You need not wait weeks or months to start enjoying your pool waters. It can be installed within 6-7 days post-delivery provided you have a flat backyard space with easy access to your property and supporting weather.

There are a number of slimline pool manufacturers on the market. Be smart and make the right choice.


Can You Customise A Slimline Pool?

While you cannot modify the shape of a slimline fibreglass pool, you can certainly add extra features and facilities to elevate your swimming experience. Some innovative inclusion ideas for your slimline pool are:

  • Spa Jets: If you want to experience the ultimate relaxation, add spa jets to your slimline pool. They can superbly massage your body and relieve you of all aches. They can also be installed to provide resistance against your swimming laps.
  • Spa design: Don’t you feel excited if we tell you slimline pools can be tailored to a spa design? While a spa design adds to the look of your pool, it can make your swimming even relaxing. Generally, spa designs are placed at the edges or on the ends, letting the water flow into another feature; a small stream-like design, for instance.
  • Mood lighting: Lighting enhances the overall appeal of your pool. Most importantly, it boosts the pool functionality and makes it safer to use at night. Mood lighting, no doubt, contributes to aesthetics. When you install the right coloured lights at appropriate places, your backyard can literally offer you a resort-like experience.
  • Heating: You can effortlessly heat your slimline pool. Using very less energy, your heating system can heat your pool water in minimal time. Be it winter, an overcast day, late evening or any other day/time, you can easily heat your slimline pool and relax in the warm waters whenever you want to. Warm water is proven to relax the muscles and provide a soothing effect.

Cost Of Slimline Pools

A fibreglass slimline pool comes at an affordable price. However, the overall cost depends upon the number of additions you opt for. Factors like your backyard condition, fencing and landscaping will also influence the total cost of your slimline pool.

We suggest you look for reputed pool builders and request quotes from a few you feel are trustworthy. Make sure to discuss the inclusions you want and ask them to arrive at the final price. You can decide after comparing their prices, warranty periods and features/services they offer.

Reasons To Buy A Slimline Pool: Advantages

It is a fact and largely agreed that swimming pools offer multiple benefits. Here we discuss advantages specific to a slimline pool:

  • It is ideal for homes with a narrow backyard. Yes, if you have limited space in your backyard, a slimline pool can be the best buy. It takes very less space yet can provide room for an entire family to swim/relax. This compact pool offers all the lifestyle benefits that any regular-sized pool would.
  • A slimline pool looks modern and stylish. It can sync with any backyard theme and transform the appeal of the space. With the right lighting and other inclusions, this pool can appear striking. Their rectangular and square designs can complement any setting.
    As mentioned earlier, you can heat a slimline pool using minimum energy because of its small size. This means you will save a lot of your hard-earned money in the long term while enjoying the warm waters. At the same time, do not forget slimline pools are environment-friendly.
  • This pool is the most ideal for fitness freaks.
  • Slimline fibreglass pools come with comfortable seating on one end and along one side. So, not only can you enjoy swimming and relaxing in a slimline pool but sit and watch too when your kids are doing great in the waters. These seats can also be used to rest in between your swimming practice sessions.

A slimline pool for your property can be a fabulous addition. It can add value while allowing you to make nostalgic memories with your near and dear ones.

Choose a genuine pool manufacturer and get a fibreglass slimline pool for your small backyard today. It can offer relaxation, support your fitness sessions and entertain your family for years down the line!

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