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6 Ways Mineral Pools Help Manage Stress And Improve Wellbeing

6 Ways Mineral Pools Help Manage Stress And Improve Wellbeing

6 Ways Mineral Pools Help Manage Stress And Improve Wellbeing

Mineral pools have evolved past a mere health fad: a dip into mineral water could be just what your body needs to destress and refresh your mental health.

Once upon a time, mineral pools were the latest trend and many pool owners thought of them as frivolous. But just as quickly as you could say therapeutic health benefits, mineral pools have become one of the effective and gentle means of maintaining healthy mental wellbeing. There’s a reason most modern-day spas and wellness retreats feature a mineral pool of some kind, such as magnesium plunge pools. In fact, the added benefits of mineral pools also extend far beyond your mental health, too. Regular swimming can improve your physical health by a great deal, which in turn leads to a more relaxed, happier life. 

And there’s no easier way to swim regularly than with a fibreglass pool in your backyard! Did you know that all pools from The Fibreglass Pool Company can be ordered with a mineral water system?


#1 Relaxes Muscles

One of the key minerals used in mineral pools is magnesium. Magnesium has tremendous health properties; namely, the ability to relax your muscles and provide moisture for your skin.

In fact, magnesium deficiency is one of the primary causes of muscles tightness and muscle cramping that we all dread. Magnesium, however, controls the muscle contraction in your body. By submerging yourself in a mineral pool, your body absorbs the surrounding magnesium which in turn relaxes your muscles, soothes joint aches and significantly reduces the chance of future cramping.

Overall, the water in a mineral pool will be noticeably smoother – almost like silk. Submerging yourself up to your shoulders will allow the minerals in the pool to relax your muscles.

#2 Healthier, Smoother Skin

On the topic of soft and silky smooth water, this sensation can leave your skin feeling smoother and with a noticeable glow to it. This is because mineral water injects moisture back into your skin. This is in stark contrast to traditional, chlorine pols that can strip it away instead.

A regular dip or two into a mineral pool can also improve the elasticity of your skin, slowing down the effects of premature aging.

…a mineral pool will inject moisture back into your skin instead of stripping it away. You’ll notice a smoothness and glow to your skin soon after swimming…

#3 De-Stress

Regular exercise has long been well-documented to decrease stress levels in adults. Swimming is no exception to this rule; in fact, the high cardiovascular results and aerobic nature of swimming are at the top of the list for health benefits.

Fortunately, mineral pools take this a step further. The soft and smooth nature of mineral water provides a sensation akin to an aquatic blanket being wrapped around you. Mineral water also possesses more buoyant qualities than traditional pools, meaning you can let your worries float away while you relax.

If swimming laps isn’t your idea of R&R, then you don’t need to worry. Many of the relaxing qualities provided by swimming can still be enjoyed while casually swimming; even just staying afloat in a mineral pool will raise your endorphins and naturally increase your energy levels, equal to several cups of coffee. The best part? You can’t use your phone whilst swimming, so any anxiety that is stemming from work emails, texts or any other source of stress can be cut off.

#4 Get Better Sleep

Perhaps the single most important determiner of your mental and physical health is a proper night’s sleep. You know it and we know it, yet more often than not work and life gets in the way. Mineral pools might not be able to solve all your problems, but swimming in them can give you a deeper, more restful night’s sleep. 

Swimming in mineral water boosts your blood circulation – whereas a lack thereof can cause lethargic feelings – increasing blood flow to your head and heart. With increased circulation, you’ll experience feelings of clarity and be more in tune with your nobody’s energy levels.

6.5m Horizon Mondo Grey

#5 Improve Your Energy Levels

Mineral pools are a fantastic way to improve your energy levels. As we mentioned before, regular exercise can leave you feeling more energetic and happier. Minerals – especially magnesium – work to bring your energy levels to a healthy medium.

#6 Soothe Skin Conditions, Grant Hair Health And Lower Blood Pressure

The effects of mineral pools have been well-documented in alleviating certain skin conditions, such as eczema. Mineral water does not use abrasive chemicals such as chlorine, so those with eczema can swim without worry of skin irritation. Furthermore, magnesium has the fantastic benefit of increasing bone density and reducing the chance of hair loss. Lastly, regular swimming in mineral water lowers blood pressure, leading to an overall healthier lifestyle. 

As you can see, mineral pools can provide you with a healthy lifestyle and innumerable benefits to your mental health. Moreover, regular swimming can improve your sleep schedule, lower your blood pressure and de-stress you after a long week at work. If you’re looking for better mental health and healthier wellbeing, then mineral pools could be exactly what you’re looking for. The best way to get your hands on a mineral pool is to visit our spectacular pool range today!

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