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Here Are the Top Robotic Pool Cleaners in 2021!

Here Are the Top Robotic Pool Cleaners in 2021!

For many, the thought of having to clean a pool all the time is off-putting, and those that are busy may choose not to install a pool for this reason. What many people don’t know is that laborious pool cleaning is now a thing of the past. By purchasing a robotic pool cleaner, you can reduce your pool cleaning to the bare minimum. If you haven’t got one or you’re looking to upgrade, this article is for you. Here we’ll share the best robotic cleaners for 2021.

Why are robotic cleaners better than others?

When in the market for an automatic pool cleaner for your pool, you may have noticed that there are different types to choose from. While robotic cleaners are at the higher end of the price range, there is a good reason for this. They offer many benefits that are simply unmatched by the other options. Here are some of them:

Consumes the least energy

Running a pool can be expensive if you are using old and outdated equipment, and unlike some cheaper pool cleaners that can chew a considerable amount of electricity, robotic cleaners use a small amount – it’s around the same as a standard household light globe.

Gives your pool the most superior clean

The cleaning capabilities of a robotic pool cleaner are second to none. They have advanced brushing technology that is integrated into the device which enables it can clean every single inch of the pool, from top to bottom. It can pick up the smallest microscopic particles right up to larger pieces of debris, so nothing left gets left behind.

Fewer chemicals needed to keep the water clean

Because the pool is kept clean, it prevents contamination from algae and decomposing organic matter. This means you’ll use fewer chemicals and are less likely to experience a green or cloudy pool that requires high doses of chemicals to rectify. This makes your pool safer to swim in.

Can save you money

As your robotic cleaner is using less electricity and the water is cleaner, you won’t spend as much on your electricity bill or have to spend as much on chemicals. These two things alone can save you a considerable amount of money over the lifespan of your pool.

Simple to use and maintain

It’s one thing to have a fabulous top of the line robotic pool cleaner that does most of the work for you but, if it is difficult to use, it can defeat the purpose. Luckily, robotic pool cleaners are straightforward to use, and they require very little maintenance to keep them in optimal working order. All they need is their filter cleaned, and the bag emptied every so often and the rest they’ll take care of.

They don't place any strain on your pool equipment

Other pool cleaners rely on the pool pump to function which can cause damage over time. A robotic cleaner works independently, placing no extra burden on your pool equipment.

High-tech features

Robotic cleaners have many high-tech features including a built-in navigation type system that maps its path for cleaning the pool. They can be paired with smart technology which can make pool cleaning even easier.

Top robotic pool cleaners for 2021 

Dolphin E10

How much? $999.00

Dolphin has an expansive selection of pool cleaners available, and one that stands out to us is the E10 version. It lightweight, compact and can clean an average-sized pool in around 90 minutes. If you have a small to medium pool and you don’t want to spend a great deal, this cleaner is a good choice. Its energy-efficient to keep those electricity bills down and does a good job of cleaning the pool. The only thing it can’t do is climb the walls to clean them. It’s a great entry point robotic cleaner and will work far better than other types of automatic pool cleaners.

Zodiac TX35 Robotic Pool Cleaner

How much? $1,100.00

The Zodiac TX35 Robotic Pool Cleaner is agile and can cover both the walls and floor of a swimming pool. It will take around 2.5 hours for it to clean an entire average-sized pool. It can pick up larger pieces of debris such as twigs and gum nuts without clogging up.

Zodiac TX30 Tornax Robotic Pool Cleaner

How much? – $1,150.00

Another great product from Zodiac is The Zodiac TX30 Tornax Robotic Cleaner. It is priced higher than the Dolphin E10, but it can clean the walls which the Dolphin is unable to do. As it cleans both the walls and floors it takes a little bit longer to clean the pool, and typically takes around 2.5 hours to complete its cleaning. Its simple to use and lightweight. Due to its performance and price point, it is a popular robotic cleaner amongst pool owners.

Dolphin X30 Robotic Pool Cleaner

How much? $1,649.00

The Dolphin X30 Robotic Pool Cleaner has an advanced navigation system to ensure every single part of the pool is cleaned meticulously. It has a multi-layer filter system to prevent it from getting clogged. It maneuvers around the pool effortlessly and, all you have to do is turn it on and let it do its job.

Pentair Prowler 920 Pool Cleaner

Price – $1,990.00

The Pentair Prowler 920 is more expensive than the others we’ve mentioned but it does have a powerful highspeed brush that can get into the smallest of nooks to give your pool a deep clean every time. With a cleaning schedule built-in and a timer, you can simply set and forget.

What features your Robotic Pool Cleaner should have

User-friendly features

The robotic cleaner you choose should be easy to use. You want to be able to set it up and change the settings quickly.

Wall cleaning function

While floor cleaning robotic cleaners do a good job of cleaning a pool, ones with wall cleaning capabilities are better. This ensures no area is missed, and you’ll have a cleaner pool as a result.

Ensure its cut out for the job

Some robotic cleaners are designed for smaller pools, and others are designed for bigger pools. You want to be sure that your cleaner is capable of cleaning your pool properly.

Efficient cleaning

Even though robotic cleaners are relatively fast, the longer it takes them to complete their job the more electricity they will consume. To keep your running costs as minimal as possible, look for a system that completes its cleaning in less than 3 hours.


Robotic cleaners are an investment, and you should check what kind of warranty the product comes with. A system with two or more years of warranty is best.

We’ve shared some of our favourite robotic cleaners for 2021, however, there are many more out there that you may find are a better fit for your budget and swimming pool. It pays to investigate all the different options to find a cleaner that suits your cleaning needs best.

If you are looking for a robotic cleaner for your swimming pool from The Fibreglass Pool Company or you have any questions about pools in general, just ask our friendly team! We are happy to help if we can!

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