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How Long Do Fibreglass Pools Last?

How Long Do Fibreglass Pools Last?

Making a decision to invest in a swimming pool is a big one. Not only do you have to consider the initial upfront costs and time dedicated to the project, but also the ongoing maintenance financial costs and time taken to keep your pool in it’s best condition for your family and friends to enjoy.

However, imagine 10 years down the track- your kids still haven’t even grown into adults yet, and now you need to pay at least $4000 to replace the swimming pool vinyl? Not an exciting short term future, is it? When it comes to choosing vinyl pool liners, it can be more affordable in the beginning, but it won’t last long and will eventually require higher maintenance costs. Because it is the least durable material, the liner will only last approximately six to twelve years. On the other hand, a concrete pool will last longer than vinyl, however, they do come with a couple of drawbacks. A concrete swimming pool will require resurfacing approximately every 15 years which can cost $10,000. Plus it will demand the use of higher amounts of chemicals because of the porous surface and susceptibility to algae growth. If you purchase a high-quality fibreglass pool, you can expect them to last for more than 30 years. Unlike vinyl and concrete, they don’t need replacing or resurfacing. With a fibreglass pool from The Fibreglass Pool Company, you can expect it to last a lifetime, in fact, they all come with a lifetime internal, structural and osmosis guarantee! 

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Are you ready for a fibreglass pool that lasts a lifetime? 

There are 3 main factors around how to get the most out of the longevity of your fibreglass pool. You need to be aware of how and where it is manufactured. You need to take time to research the team to be confident with how it is installed, and lastly, you need to be ensured and equipped to know how it is to be maintained. 


The Fibreglass pool company swimming pools have remarkable strength and exceed the Australian Standards for thickness. We have an 8-stage quality control process to ensure we manufacture the highest quality Fibreglass Swimming Pools in Australia, and we are the only fibreglass pool manufacturing company with the Australian Standards 5 tick certified product certification. Unlike concrete and vinyl-liner pool companies that only offer an average of 7 years warranty, we offer a lifetime structural warranty on all of our pools! 

By having 7 Layers of strength within our pool structure, there is higher resistance from corrosion, higher resistance to water penetration and damage and higher resistance to heat and UV damage.

Layer 1 – UV and chemical resistant gel interior surface finish 

Layer 2 – Anti-corrosion barrier using the highest quality Vinyl Ester Resin

Layer 3 – First structural and additional chemical resistant layer using glass fibre

Layer 4 – Second structural layer, using high quality polyester resin and glass fibre

Layer 5 – Reinforcement layer is an additional layer of high-quality polyester resin and glass fibre 

Layer 6 – Outer core laminate which consists of Klegecell/Divonycell sandwich core strengthening 

Layer 7 – Outer sealer coat is a high quality waxed polyester resin to protect the pool layers. 

Fibreglass pools are designed to flex, and not to crack, the slight flex allows your swimming pool to withstand earth movements and extreme temperatures. Concrete pools are notorious for shrinkage cracking, this may occur when they are first placed in, if there was intense temperatures and wind, or excess water in the concrete mix.


When we install using our experienced team, we are committed to offering a personalised service, from the on site visits measurements, appraisal and quotation, to full project management. From the design stage to the earthmoving and landscaping, the installation of your swimming pool will be carried out by our own highly trained and experienced employees. While DIY installation can seem like a more affordable option in the beginning, the reality is you should be aware of the major safety risks involved. Not only during the install, but for the swimmers and your home in the future. Ensure you use a licensed pool builder to install your pool to avoid problems such as bulging walls or your swimming pool shifting, and other expensive damages and problems you will need to pay for to be fixed in the future. 

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Looking after your fibreglass pool is simple. Compared to the costs of maintaining concrete and vinyl pools, it is more affordable too. This is because the gel coat of fibreglass pools is resistant to the algae and bacteria growth, unlike concrete which is porous, and the vinyl liner which generally have issues of algae growth around the seams and the pool ladder too. You can choose saltwater or chlorine for your fibreglass swimming pool, depending on your preferences. Saltwater is becoming more popular due to it being more gentle on the skin. Maintaining the chemical levels of your swimming pool and keeping it free from debris should be done a couple of times a week. You can find out more around pool maintenance, and the filters and pumps for the ideal circulation in our other blog articles.

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a dream come true for many families. Making sure it is cost effective and low maintenance is a bonus when you choose a fibreglass pool. The fact that you can expect your new fibreglass swimming pool from The Fibreglass Pools Company to last over 30 years will mean your grandkids will get to enjoy it too! Please reach out to our friendly team, and we will be happy to help you plan your new swimming pool.

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