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The Most Affordable And Appealing Backyard Pool Design Ideas

The Most Affordable And Appealing Backyard Pool Design Ideas

Looking to make a splash in your backyard? A backyard pool adds some cool factor (literally) to your home, helping you survive the harsh summer heat. For most Aussies, a backyard pool is much more than a cooling factor – it is a matter of pride and joy, apart from being a style statement.

Not surprisingly, more than two million people in Australia have backyard pools, as per SPASA (Swimming Pool and Spa Association).

Given that the pool is an integral part of your lifestyle, it is important to plan and design carefully so that your backyard is appealing, safe and highly functional. Your pool should not only cater to the unique needs of your family but enrich the overall value and experience of your property. For many people, affordability is a crucial factor when it comes to pool design while for others, it is the appeal.

Fortunately, you don’t need to sacrifice one for the other – it is possible to have a pool that is attractive and appealing. Here are some cool pool design ideas that match your budget and style needs:

Why Do You Need A Pool?

Start at the very beginning just as you would for any big renovation project by examining your reasons behind investing in a swimming pool. This will influence the design aspects including depth, size, shape, and the type of construction considerably.

Think about what purpose the pool will serve – relaxing, laps or recreation? Who will use the pool – your children/child and their friends, you or everyone in the family? Is the pool meant to be the focal point for your backyard landscape or is it going to enhance a view?

What Is Your Budget?

Once you have a clear idea of your pool’s purpose, it becomes easier to sort out the rest of your decisions. Before progressing further, ensure you ask yourself the vital question –what is your budget for the pool?

The cost of swimming pool can range between $5,000 to $100,000 or more, depending on the size and type of pool. While inground pools cost $35,000 onwards, above ground pools have a starting price of $7,000. Plunge pools can have an average cost of $8,000. The average amount that most homeowners spend on backyard pool installation is about $50,000.

Is The Site On A Sloping Land

If your home is located on a hill or a sloping land or an uneven, rocky surface, the cost of installing a pool can be higher. If the site is level and even, it is easier and cheaper to build a pool. You will also have to look at ground conditions that can include unstable soil, high water table or sandy soil that can make the pool building process a bit tricky. In these cases, it is better to opt for above-ground pools.

Your property’s size and location will determine the design, shape and size of the pool. Urban sites have stringent requirements in terms of positioning of the pool near your property boundaries. Factors such as neighbouring trees or shadings from buildings can limit your options of positioning your pool. Onto the final stages of preparation before you can really get stuck into your backyard design ideas.

Your local council can give you more information on approval requirements while you can find safety regulations on your building authority website.

Before you determine the pool type, check if there are pipes or cables running below the pool area.

Trendy Design Ideas

With urban sites getting smaller, pool styles are following suite with clever space-maximising pool designs being available.

Infinity edges are also increasingly used in residential pools while mineral water pools are preferred by many as they are gentler as compared to chlorine or salt on your skin.

Plunge pools, thin and long lap pools and swim jets are the other trending types of pools.

To stay in the contemporary design zone or to follow the trend, sticking to straight, clean lines will help, particularly for the infinity pool design. You can also highlight your backyard pool by dividing it into two sections that includes a spa section and a swimming pool section.

Compliment the clean design with neutral tiles, a cabana and built-in seating alongside the pool. Strategic lighting and accent colors for the seating can break the monotony of neutral colors.

Choosing the pool fencing that is best suited for your swimming pool can also impact the overall look and function of outdoor entertaining areas. Try out a simple glass fence to create clean sightlines between the pool and the interiors of the home.


Embrace Nature

If you are a nature lover, there are many ways to incorporate greenery and nature elements in your backyard pool design.

You can really run wild with your ideas and convert your backyard into a Tuscan retreat by planting cypress trees, and using planters and terra cotta tiles. Earthen pots and rustic looking umbrella can complete the look.

The other way to embrace nature is to landscape the courtyard with gravel, rocks, succulents, grass and other flora to bring in an organic look.

If you are lucky enough to have a large tree cover or dense foliage, design your pool around it to create an enchanting vibe. Other ways to incorporate nature include adding a waterfall or creating a cascading effect in your pool. A dramatic effect can be created with coral stepping stones at the shallow end of your pool.

Plant specific trees and bushes that attract birds and bees in your garden to sit back and enjoy nature like never before. Cactii planters all around your pool can also create a stunning effect.


Go Eco-Friendly

If your home has eco-friendly elements, follow the theme for your pool. Focus on the size to minimize energy and water use while installing LED lighting and energy efficient, five star rated pool pump or solar energy.

Utilize eco-friendly materials for your pool that can include stone, brick, wood and fiberglass. While concrete is used for pools, installation takes three to four months while bad weather can disrupt construction while concrete’s porous nature increases risk of mould and algae growth.

Fiberglass is an increasingly popular and environmentally-friendly alternative for pools. The material is built to last and has low embodied energy which is the energy needed to make the product using raw materials and deliver the finished product.


Fibreglass pools can be pre-moulded into different shapes and are positioned inside the ground or set above with extra supports. The competitive cost and choice of pool types make this a popular choice for backyard swimming pools. With wide ranging bespoke colours to choose from, you can create the look of your dreams in your backyard.

Whether you want an infinity edge, swim jets or paddling pool, fiberglass is the right choice that can make your pool affordable and attractive.

An added bonus is that fiberglass is immune to calcium build up and chemical imbalances that frequently crop up with other materials. The smooth gel coat on fiberglass ensures the material resists mould, stain and algae.

Fibreglass is the right choice that can make your pool affordable & attractive

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